Saturday, September 24, 2005

HA I knew it!!!

Can you tell I am doing my reserach today.. spending sometime on the computer!

I just figured out what i knew was true!!!!! This is going to be of interest only to my English Friends in America! But I finally figured out that Harry Enfield IS the voice of the Roaming Gnome on Travelocity! and he is DR ANGUS! HA.. I used to love him as a kid!

Ok Now I can go work out! my work here is done!


This is our pretty much completed living room, I would like some new tables, and we need a entertainment center for our big screen but apart from that! We are pretty good to go. Notice Hunter and his housewarming gift! courtesy of Amy.. I am not sure how many pieces its in now though!

This was my weekend project a few weeks ago, and I think it turned out great! it will match Kents office which will be gray. Its only a small room and it was mine to have fun with!