Monday, February 26, 2007

I am WAY TOO impatient!

I made an executive decision yesterday that I was just going to go and buy the dresser I have loved all along.. theres not much difference in cost.. and it matches the crib so well.. So I call Babies R Us and they have one and its the last one.. FATE I say! I get home, get Kent take off all excited that our baby room will look even more complete! When we get there they dont know what I am talking about! UGH.. The one that I like would have to be ordered.. it could take a week or 2 to come in.. why does this seem like FOREVER to me!

I decided to look around a little more this morning and with no luck I will just be ordering the one at BRU.. you watch it will take me 2 weeks to just order it now.. as I am also a procrastinator! LOL I cant win!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I went back for more pictures with Sara at on Wednesday (at least I think it was Wednesday-who knows!) anyway we got some great images of Hendrix, I just havent had a chance to get them online yet! Anyway hes still cute, little nose, little lips.. Kent did mention.. wheres his ears.. so thats my next thing.. find his ears!!! Make sure they arent like daddies :) He mentioned today that all his features are recessive so chances are this kid will come out looking like his daddy, LUCKY BOY! :) Although he does have hair like daddy, a nice long mullet so far!!!

Anyway when measuring his head, it measured at ahead of what I am! Moving his date from May 6th to April 16th!!! So it seems he got a very large head from his daddy too! I do not pity Kents mother for delivering that head, but I may opt for a C section if the head gets THAT big!

so really its anything from 7 weeks to 10 weeks at this point.. its anyones game!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hendrix Dane Scott!

... and his chubby cheeks!!!

He apparently is just fine! He was completely bent in half with his feet in the way of his face :) so this is the best we got yesterday.. I can see him totally, some people have trouble! LOL
He also has alot of hair! :) and bets say its dark :)
It was so cool to see him, and although Kent had a hard time making it all out, the first thing he said was he had my nose.. sooo odd to hear! :) heheh my little boy!

Monday, February 19, 2007

We have a Crib!!! :)

Finally the wonderful crib handed down to us by Aunt Lesley, is finished and put together! Its alot bigger than I thought too!

I was at work yesterday and Kent has known I have wanted it finished for a while, as its been so close! but we also learnt that clear coat and spray paint cant be sprayed under 30 degrees... so this weekend proved to be a perfect opportunity for him to finish it. As I was about to leave he sent me a text message to check my email. So I check my email and I have an email from him that says "All done" and there it was! :) He had put it together, put the sheets on, and moved it around to different places as much as I did when I got home.. now we just have a dresser to find and a chair.. and one more thing to paint.. :) Its coming together though!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Almost 29 weeks..

Well its starting to set in, or maybe I am just in a bad mood at the moment! LOL I have become an emotional mess over the smallest things... I still feel great, no aches or pains or swelling or anything.. just kinda teary.. which we all knew from the start would be me! :)

The Drs appointments have now gone to every 2 weeks.. the baby is sideways apparently, but all is well. On Monday I am going to get a 3D 4D sonogram to meet him and see who he looks like :) - a mushy ball I hear you say.. yes probably, buy my mushy ball! ;)

Anyway here you go.. 28 week round me! :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Almost done!!!!!!

We had a very productive day and got the painting and stripes done in the baby room, and Kent even got part of the crib finished so we can see how the black furniture will look :) I am so excited.. I may go and get the dresser tomorrow.. the crib may be done.. its gone from a room full of crap to finished in 2 days!!! :)

The lines on the carpet are because it was just shampooed.. Kent thought we needed new carpet.. but I washed it and I think we are good :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cash the Helper!

Cash is the biggest helper.. well he tries!

The other day he was helping Kent bring wood in, Kent lugged in a whole great thing of logs from the backyard, and as he set it down, Cash followed him and spat out a smaller piece of wood next to his stack.. as if to say here you go!! LOL

Well when we started painting the baby room he decided he needed to help in there too..

He ended up with paint in all kinds of places :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

30 huh...

So this whole 30 thing is OK, except for the fact that I was SICK all day! well all weekend! I could have done without that!

Coughing with a 2.5lb bowling ball strapped to your front is rough!!!

Aside from all this.. I had a lovely weekend though, Sunday was family day :) with food and cake, and today was cake for breakfast :) and then lunch with April, Jenny and Kristin which was fun, we havent done that in a while!!! Then April and I went for a pedicure VERY nice!

Kent just came home with 30 roses.. :) and I am really not feeling up to much.. so I think its a soup and grilled cheese night! :) and Heros! lol!

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Always Always.. around my birthday I get to sit and work, and watch snow.. today I was a little behind as I was sleeping! BUT we just ran out in the backyard to see it really was snow, and now I can see it next to me...

Cash had never seen snow.. he was a little funny! :)

Almost 27 weeks....

And into the THIRD Trimester!!!!

WOW how fast this has all gone, just 12 weeks, (maybe 10 or 11) left! All this and turning 30 on Monday.. What a busy weekend..

I took a picture the other day and I cant see much change, although I may post one soon.. just in case someone else can tell this bean is growing! He certainly is kicking up a storm! I can lay at night or in the morning and just feel him up to something in there..

We are almost done painting the nursery and I will get some pics of that too..

I just cant wait to meet him :)