Friday, August 31, 2007

Momma and Baby pics!

Go see at Lesleys blog!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

4 months and changing!

Hendrix is really changing EVERY day! I cant believe it.. hes so much more interactive now and laughs and squeals and talks on a daily basis!

Monday was his 4 month check up and while his shots were not fun we did find out his head is perfect! (we thought it was going flat) He weighed in at 16.3lbs and was 25.5 inches long.. thats 75-90% for his height and 75% for his weight! So it looks like he got some height from somewhere! It certainly wasnt me! LOL

So today we finally got around to 4 month pics.. and he is getting much more comfortable with the camera :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I have a cutie!!

Well Hendrix turns 4 months on Sunday... Hes getting bigger and stronger.. and well a whole lot cuter, maybe I am bias but he sure melts my heart. Whether hes screaming, crying.. he always smiles half way through to let me know he doesnt mean it! Kent calls it the "telling me how much he REALLY loves me!" RIght.. I would rather.. "mamma I wuv you!" LOL

Anyway this week we were home for 3 days in a row without leaving, he got into a pretty good schedule after 2 days of kicking my butt.. LOL Apparently its a phase, its that month phase where he knows things are going on, still needs sleep and to make it really fun for me, I am pretty sure he had a growth spurt in there. But today he ate every 4 hours between 7am and 8pm, and took 4 naps.. and went to bed (with a good amount of fussing cause he was tired) at 9pm.

As much as I feel like each day is a different kind of butt kicking, this is motherhood, and at the end of the day I LOVE it! I wake up and go in and get the smiliest baby! He then proceeds to tell me, while eating his bottle what he dreamt about, at least thats what I think it is.. as it goes from "agooo, bla, cooo" (with a smile) to the same thing with a frowny face! LOL During the day we play, when we do leave people stop and talk to him, hes started to look at people like, "who the heck are you in my face!?" I dont think hes going to be like Mason and so accomdating of strange faces!

The best part of the day by far though is the giggling part! I know its what most mums sit and wait for, and its sooo worth it, to change their diaper and make faces and hear that litlte chuckle, squeal, giggle! I also learnt the other day while getting Kents car inspected that he has super ticklish feet (Hendrix not Kent!) he started just giggling so loud, people turned and smiled, I am pretty sure he made their day! How could it not!!!!

Just when I think it cant get any better, Kent gets home, and Hendrix takes just a few seconds to evaulate this different face, I mean hes been starting at my no make up, no hair done face all day! Once he realizes its daddy he smiles, squeals and kicks! It truly makes me forget whatever is happening! My favorite sounds right now though are from both Kent and Hendrix.. Kent gets home, at some point soon after he will take him to change him, and then they just talk at the changing table, I have walked in to hear the 2 best sounds in the world! Kent kissing Hendrix, and Hendrix laughing like hes never been tickled so hard in all his life!

OK so what was I bitching about?? LOL

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Man they DO grow quick!

We moved Hendrix to his room last night and of course he was fine, me, not so much! LOL

He went down at 7.45(he was tired) and was up from about 8.30 -9 I think he knew daddy had just gotten home, so he got up had the rest of his bottle, spat it up all over daddy, then was put back to bed.. LOL he slept there just fine until 7am.

I only got up twice to check him.. :) ok maybe 3 times.. but all in all we did pretty good!

Heres hoping it stays that way :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Official Texas Family Portraits!

EVERYONE - again still minus some!

Awww momma and Hendrix :)

Uncle Patrick

Uncle Tobias

Uncle Andreas

Father and Mrs Dane! LOL

The Mini Danes

The Cobbetts!

The Dane Boys

The Danes (minus some!)

The Uncles!

And you cant even tell is 104 degrees!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Some Funny for you!

These keep me amused for hours! Maybe I am simple.. but they really are genius! :)

DWA - With the Brits!

So we revisited our favorite place! The Aquarium! I really hope Hendrix grows up liking it as much as we do :)

We took with us, Grandpa, Grandma and all the uncles! :) and the Cobbetts too! Mason and April joined us too.. so dont get confused with the babies! :)

There were Cobbetts! but they were even lesser spotted on my camera I guess! :)

The babies waiting while I was directing Daddy around the Aquarium for the 5th time.. eventually I stood out there and he actually noticed me! :)

Kent Smiling.. WHAT!

The Danes

Aww the scotts :)


That curved glass will get you every time! :)

Mason was really into the turtles and manatee :)


A little Dane :)

Lesser spotted Dane men! :)

Taking a nap! :)

Smiley boy! :)

Mason and Hendrix are really starting to notice one another and it was so cute, especially when Hendrix would smile at Mason. Although I think Mason just wanted him for his water! :)

Hendrix got a Penguin and enjoyed his nose!:)

The boys and their Penguins!

Heres everything!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Quick pic and update! :)

I know you are all waiting for a pic.. so here you go.. this was on Saturday with Kents family! :) This is his.. "and you are" face! :)

Snuggling with Grandma!

Also I finally weighed and measured him.. hes about 15.2 pounds and 25 1/4 inches! :) And hes drooling.. I hope that doesnt mean teeth JUST yet! I like him all gummy!