Wednesday, August 08, 2007

DWA - With the Brits!

So we revisited our favorite place! The Aquarium! I really hope Hendrix grows up liking it as much as we do :)

We took with us, Grandpa, Grandma and all the uncles! :) and the Cobbetts too! Mason and April joined us too.. so dont get confused with the babies! :)

There were Cobbetts! but they were even lesser spotted on my camera I guess! :)

The babies waiting while I was directing Daddy around the Aquarium for the 5th time.. eventually I stood out there and he actually noticed me! :)

Kent Smiling.. WHAT!

The Danes

Aww the scotts :)


That curved glass will get you every time! :)

Mason was really into the turtles and manatee :)


A little Dane :)

Lesser spotted Dane men! :)

Taking a nap! :)

Smiley boy! :)

Mason and Hendrix are really starting to notice one another and it was so cute, especially when Hendrix would smile at Mason. Although I think Mason just wanted him for his water! :)

Hendrix got a Penguin and enjoyed his nose!:)

The boys and their Penguins!

Heres everything!

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