Monday, June 15, 2009

ONe of my new fav blogs...

I also have been finding lots of coupons.. although I then go out and dont use them :( oh well.. I try!

Our weekend!

HA I say our weekend.. and I really just mean SUNDAY! I had a wedding in Commerce Texas on Saturday which left me a little sore and tired on Sunday but that didnt stop me getting out to see Barney! OH YEA! for the record.. I cant stand Barney, Hendrix doesnt watch it at home.. but hey hes 2 and thats what they do right! :)

Anywho! He loved it.. I think.. he looked a little overwhelmed.. but still smiled a little!

Worst part of the weekend: Wished I could have slept later while Hendrix was gone on saturday morning :(

Best part of the weekend: A great Afternoon with Mimi and Hendrix while Papaw and Daddy finished up the floors, they look awesome and we got to go shopping (and see Barney) how bad is that! :)

Most random part of the weekend: Ending up on a dirt road on the way to commerce.. darn GPS lady!

People I saw this weekend: About 350 people at a wedding.. if that counts, Mimi and Papaw (everyone else bailed ;) ) and swimming with our new neighbors on Friday evening :)

Something I wished I did this weekend that I didn't get around to doing: Theres always something.. have you seen my to do list!!!

Things that I am looking forward to this week: Fathers day with Daddy and a big wedding on Saturday.. also right now.. 2 days off.. off as in at home.. obviously that will involve working but I wont have to get out of my PJs!

Things that I am not looking forward to this week: The heat... its coming :(

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moving along!

The summer is going and I am still standing.. yea yea yea.. we havent quite reached 100 degrees yet and for that I am thankful.. although we have had some pretty crazy storms, which leave us with some great humidity ...yum!

The baby is doing great, I have realized i have blogged a lot less about this baby, and I am going to try to pick up the pace as its the only record I have of a pregnancy being as I dont really write anything down and all i have to go by later is what Kent tells me, which I am guessing this time will not be favorable! Granted its been a little tougher this time, but right now I am pretty comfortable (besides the heat) and fairly full of energy. The heat I am sure will get to me soon, and I just have to think I only have like 14 weeks left.. thats not much... right??

As of right now the stats of baby 2, hes almost 12 inches long, about a pound (we will find out for sure on wednesday he may be more!) his ears are formed, he can hear us, hes making poop.. YAY! and man is he moving.. I do appreciate his sleep pattern though it seems that he is active during the day, says goodnight at about 11 or 12 and then wakes me up at 8 :) lets hope he keeps that up!

Names... Hmmmm I have my favorite, we just have to convince daddy its worthy.

Hendrix.. is very cute with him, he kisses my belly and then tell you baby is "in dere" and points to my belly button :) too cute!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer fun




We had a fun Monday yesterday! I hope we get to do this so much more this summer.. but we went to visit a local splash park with a few little friends! Hendrix loved it and consumed most of the water.. no wonder he had VERY wet diapers all day! LOL

We started with some toast outside, he loves to be on the back patio .. and he just say and listened to the lawnmower behind us mowing the big field.

Then we went and met Missy and Miley, and Leighton and Landen with their Mimi for some water fun, it was great for his age and I know we will be going back!

We ended making cakes, and grilling.. and he had a much needed bath! I never remember to take my camera in there but yesterday i did and he loves his bath time :)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Fathers Day is coming!

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

whats up!

Hmmm I guess its been a quiet week.. we have laid low while momma works for a few days and I was sure Hendrix would be sick of watching cars but apparently not!

Still waiting on his eye drops to come in, I am really hoping these things make a difference in his walking and balance, or maybe we just need to realize hes going to be clumsy.. NO idea where he gets that!

I had another busy weekend with weddings and shooting, so Hendrix chilled with daddy most of the weekend. He got a new TV (its in our room - but it may as well be his!) so he got to watch his favorites bigger than before.

Baby #2 is doing great, kicking and kicking some more.. I am trying to monitor when hes really awake as i know it can dictate sleeping patterns when they are born.. i am wondering if I just need to lay down more during the day and trick him! LOL

4 more weddings in June and then we are DONE til baby comes.. then the nesting and the painting and the getting everything ready can start! under 4 months til hes here now.. and i am hoping sometime between now and then it all sinks in.. for all of us!