Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moving along!

The summer is going and I am still standing.. yea yea yea.. we havent quite reached 100 degrees yet and for that I am thankful.. although we have had some pretty crazy storms, which leave us with some great humidity ...yum!

The baby is doing great, I have realized i have blogged a lot less about this baby, and I am going to try to pick up the pace as its the only record I have of a pregnancy being as I dont really write anything down and all i have to go by later is what Kent tells me, which I am guessing this time will not be favorable! Granted its been a little tougher this time, but right now I am pretty comfortable (besides the heat) and fairly full of energy. The heat I am sure will get to me soon, and I just have to think I only have like 14 weeks left.. thats not much... right??

As of right now the stats of baby 2, hes almost 12 inches long, about a pound (we will find out for sure on wednesday he may be more!) his ears are formed, he can hear us, hes making poop.. YAY! and man is he moving.. I do appreciate his sleep pattern though it seems that he is active during the day, says goodnight at about 11 or 12 and then wakes me up at 8 :) lets hope he keeps that up!

Names... Hmmmm I have my favorite, we just have to convince daddy its worthy.

Hendrix.. is very cute with him, he kisses my belly and then tell you baby is "in dere" and points to my belly button :) too cute!

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