Monday, June 15, 2009

Our weekend!

HA I say our weekend.. and I really just mean SUNDAY! I had a wedding in Commerce Texas on Saturday which left me a little sore and tired on Sunday but that didnt stop me getting out to see Barney! OH YEA! for the record.. I cant stand Barney, Hendrix doesnt watch it at home.. but hey hes 2 and thats what they do right! :)

Anywho! He loved it.. I think.. he looked a little overwhelmed.. but still smiled a little!

Worst part of the weekend: Wished I could have slept later while Hendrix was gone on saturday morning :(

Best part of the weekend: A great Afternoon with Mimi and Hendrix while Papaw and Daddy finished up the floors, they look awesome and we got to go shopping (and see Barney) how bad is that! :)

Most random part of the weekend: Ending up on a dirt road on the way to commerce.. darn GPS lady!

People I saw this weekend: About 350 people at a wedding.. if that counts, Mimi and Papaw (everyone else bailed ;) ) and swimming with our new neighbors on Friday evening :)

Something I wished I did this weekend that I didn't get around to doing: Theres always something.. have you seen my to do list!!!

Things that I am looking forward to this week: Fathers day with Daddy and a big wedding on Saturday.. also right now.. 2 days off.. off as in at home.. obviously that will involve working but I wont have to get out of my PJs!

Things that I am not looking forward to this week: The heat... its coming :(

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