Monday, August 14, 2006

Knoxville... and THE airport!!!!!

So we went to knoxville this weekend to help and attend at Kents cousins wedding. While it was great to meet everyone... it was a little overwhelming, I couldnt tell you who belonged to whom now or where they live etc... theres alot of them!!!!! see pic!

Apart from that Carrie looked beautiful and Adam looked very in love.. it was a beautiful day, and I have pictures of it all! I will get them online today!

THEN came the journey home! Firstly we get to the hotel at about 12 and I am exhausted! the lady at the desk starts with me, and I get in trouble with Kent for talking back to her! UGH then 4 hours later we leave the hotel to go to the airport.. for our 6.07am flight home. Hmmmm AM you say! RIGHT.... we finally boarded our newly repaired (kind of) plane at 5pm for the ride home.. after a day of aggitated agents, grumpy Flight attendants... and screaming customers.. we got home at 7.30pm with both puppies and it felt great!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tug O War - Doggy style!

LOL well after a hard few days, I got home last night and Kent had purchased a brand new rope for the puppies! so at 1am (because i just havent taken enough pictures in the past 4 days!) there I was with my camera to document what is Tug O War in our house!!!
Hunter had posession most of the time! Cash was too interested in taking pictures! So every time I got to him he just looked at me.

Finally though he did get a hold of it, and man those boys can tug!!!
You can actually almost lift Hunter off the floor with it if you try hard enough!

I cant believe our house was this active at 1.30am!!!

Hunter wont even let ME have it!!! LOL What a multi tasker I am!!

Finally play time was over (although I was still holding the rope!) and it was cute picture time, black dogs suck to take pics off, but this is probably the most accurate of my dogs! all nose and tongue! LOL Cash actually looks like he stole someones tongue and put it in his mouth!! LOL

Its all fun and games here!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Am I still here??

This weekend is going to be a whirlwind! Then even after that it wont stop til Aug 20th.. Its nice having a new job and I really enjoy it there! but I think i picked the wrong month to get a job!! I barely knew what day it was all week..

Anyway today is a wedding, tomorrow a wedding and then on Sunday shoots ALL day!

Although all that being said! Its great to be busy and feel like a real photographer! LOL :)