Thursday, June 28, 2007

2 months already!

2 months old, can you believe it!!!

On Tuesday he went for his Drs appt and was weighing in at 12.5 pounds and 23 1/3 inches long! man hes going to be taller than me before I know it!

He is changing every day! he smiles more, he is starting to grab things.. its so cute!!!!

Hes still a snuggler! but we moved him to his pack and play again last night and he slept in there from 10-3.30am! then he came to sleep with me! Hey its a start!!! could you let this face cry!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mrs McNosky!

Yay Another reason to post a skinny pic! :)
3 years.. we made it!

We have babies!

Its gone so fast with so many changes! some good some not so good...

But we are still here! and we have some bitchin bosses! :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dallas World Aquarium

On sunday we headed out for our daddy day redo...we LOVE the aquarium and I think even H liked it :) he did love the waterfall and the bright fish :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Clara Lucia is here!

While on my whirlwind stop in Houston I was uplifted by little Miss Clara Lucia.. shes has one of those names that are so fun to say!!! :) Shes adorable.. and tiny compared to Dex's ole big head!!! So dainty and tiny.. anyway momma and daddy looked ready to go home when I was leaving on Tuesday! and hopefully that came a few hours later!:)

Here are a few pics of CL she certainly liked the camera! :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Family Time

Well Hendrix and I made the long haul to Houston.. YAY Houston! (hmmm can you say HUMIDITY!) We came down to spend some time with family, unfortunately my uncle passed away earlier this month. He was a huge family man, and his memorial service drew lots of family to Houston, I was working so we arrived yesterday so we could say a quick hello to Hendrixs' new Great Grandparents! and also to visit Marie and tiny little Clara Lucia! I will be sure to get more pics.. but hers a few of new grandmama Valerie with a somewhat calm Hendrix :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

watch this space..

Well watch the photography space.. but I will sure let you know here when its done!!

I have decided to go ahead and launch another site to push the babies and maternity pics (more importantly the announcements) I will be offering my services.. obviously.. and also design services so if you send me your baby pics I will work on them and try to make you a unique announcement. This follows the comments and feedback I have gotten regarding our announcements!

Heres the logo.. I have to thank Kent and Hendrix.. they both inspired (or chose) it! :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

More swimmin'

He looks like he doesnt care.. but he does!! You should have seen him when the camera went off.. HA.. (he didnt do much then either!) but hey it keeps me happy making memories! :)

Well do I have a water baby!!! :) He got a new bathing suit today (because I didnt know we would be swimming) with a cute little wet shirt.. it was a little big, but H loved it! He hung out just looking around and wowing the ladies at Mimis pool for about 45 mins! We kept him in the shade but he just soaked it all in! I think we have another water baby to play with all his cousins! :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

The First Swim!!!

So Hendrix and his little buddy.. (HA buddy if you count those whom steal your paci!! ;) )sorry,. Hendrix and Mason went for a swim yesterday and it was a little chilly.. he didnt really get those shorts too wet.. but he definately didnt mind it! It was the cutest thing.. Mason was all into it!

Dont they look cute in their matching "suits" LOL my goodness these kids are going to match.. well.. til they can tell.. MOM stop dressing us the same!! LOL

hehe arent they cute!!!

I caught him!!!

yup he was smiling :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So it seems... after going through old pics, that it wasnt too long ago that I looked OK! I never ever thought I was skinny by any means, but looking back man I would give anything to get back down to my wedding weight.. granted I was only that weight for about 10 mins.. but I know I can do it again! After going through a bunch of pictures I have come across these.. I am hoping they will motivate me! Heck heres the most recent pic of me to compare.. UGH

Granted I know I had a baby 6 weeks ago.. but most of this came before him.. so as soon as I am cleared on thursday I am hoping to kick start it all :)

All of these were about 3-4 years ago...

This one I just like...

After going through this post the next thing I see is that smile in the post below.. MAN its worth it!!! :)

Is that a SMILE!

I still cant TOTALLY tell.. but this resembled a laugh! :)

It just gets better! :)

Its started to sink in all this motherhood stuff.. its going pretty good I think :) he loves his sleep.. I have said that before right?? We had another night last night of sleeping from 11.30-6.30am I like this schedule! He did scream and cause me my first OH MY GOD WHATS WRONG WITH HIM meltdown.. :( turns out it was gas, but it must have hurt bad.. the poor thing was screaming, turning red, and his cry was so painful :( Anyway, Daddy rocked him and got some toots out and he went to sleep :) til 6.30!! Hes asleep again now, and I have figured this is when I get things done :)

Before he went to sleep he was smiling and actually laughing! I cant wait til this happens all the time.. and I hope it does.. I hope hes not a miserable baby! It seems to have taken him ages to smile :( I hope that doesnt mean we are miserable! He really only does it in the morning and when hes going to sleep, but he does it ALOT now when hes going to sleep.. so we will see! :)

He likes tummy time best on his boppy.. :)

see thats almost a smile! ;)

and he LOVES his bug pacis!!! :)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sittin and ALMOST smilin!

Yesterday I am sure I saw my little boy smile at me.. TWICE! but hes still figurin that out.. but today i thought hmm I wonder if that seat thing will work yet, being as hes so big.. so we just had fun watching him look around, he looked like he was thinking.. hmm this is a different view.. I was laughing so hard, he looks all big in that seat!!! and he almost thought that was funny too! :)

Excuse his baby acne! poor little thing.. he will be over that soon :) Doesnt he look like hes smiling in that first pic!! :)
Oh and we do have other clothes.. I guess we just like this one! It seems to have been in a lot of pics lately! :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Thats it.. its over!!!!

NO MORE eating like I am PG, not that I have since I had Little H, but I have still been allowing myself things that I wouldnt normally, and while people say dont be hard on yourself, you need the energy etc.. I am lucky enough to have a sweet sweet baby that loves his sleep as much as his mummy and daddy do! So I really am not feeling TOOO sleep deprived.. so I dont need to fill that gap with energy food.

I have become dangerously dependant on coffee in the AM, starbucks at anytime, and naps with Hendrix in the afternoon (given the chance). But it makes for a happy mummy :)

So yesterday marked my first full time day on the South Beach diet again ( no waiting til Monday for me!) LOL I did well all day, I dont think Kent liked the chicken breast and veggies though.. LOL

I have 50 pounds to go! It seems like sooo much, I cant believe I let that happen, but halfish is still baby weight and then I have that 10 pounds a year you gain from being married! I am hoping by Decemeber I am back to my wedding weight :)