Monday, November 27, 2006

Baby Hendrix? is just fine!

Still getting used to Hendrix.. we will see!!

Anyway we went for a check up today and he is just fine! he was VERY active and moved the whole time.. in fact he started like this..

And ended up like this...

What a GREAT Profile!!! Thanks Dr Ben!

Dr Ben said he has great lips.. LOL not sure how you can tell that.. and a cute nose. He also double checked he was still a boy.. and he is.. the shot looked the same as the other except his legs are fatter!

We also got the obligatory Alien shot!

My Dr also said that I had only gained a pound and my uterus was almost at my belly button! :)

He also said that Dex (trying to get used to the names!) is measuring a week ahead still. But all looks perfect and ready for a trip to England. Our next appt is the 18th, to get a closer look at him and make sure he really is perfect! My Dr was very happy with my test results and said she had never seen a false negative and so doesnt expect anything to come back from the level 2! So fingers crossed!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Brand New Bedroom!!

Kent and his Dad worked VERY hard today!! and sustained a few injuries! But the end result is GORGEOUS! I have waited so long to have hardwood floors, and we started in our bedroom as the carpet was a little misused by the puppies in there!

Next is the living room and hallways!! :) I think we need to wait a while for that though.. :)

At 10 am I left for work and it was prepped and ready and at 7pm the last piece went in, we then put the base boards back on a caulked.. I am apparently very good at caulking! :) Cleaned the floor made the bed.. and VOILA! I cant wait to get to bed tonight :)

It feels so clean in there.. I love it!

This is the corner that the baby chair and playpen will be in.. our room is so big.. we have no idea what to put in it!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well this year is obviously special! :) and next year will be very different for us! its almost scary!!!!

We did get the results of our Quad testing back, which tests for Down Syndrome and Spina Bifide, and some other neural defects, it was nerve wracking to wait and they do have a high false positive! But my lovely nurse called me on Tuesday to tell me that all is well and my blood work was perfect!!! :)

So it seems that we have one healthy baby boy! Hes also making me gain some weight now and look a little more pregnant too.. I will post a new pic soon.

We are about to go enjoy our Thanksgiving day! Lots of Turkey and pies! YUM! I just hope I have enough room...

17 weeks on Saturday WOW!

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Verdict is in....

Its a BOY!

So we went today for a routine sonogram after the spotting last week, and I had been told we MAY be able to find out what it was today! Well the sonographer looked and said.. hmm maybe we can... we will see... at first glance he said.. if i had to guess I would say boy.... then he got another shot and said.. yup 90% its a boy... then on the last shot... which is seen here! He said.. YUP 99% sure its a boy, and a proud one!!! Hes showing off!!! LOL Like father like son I guess!

Now comes the room and all that fun stuff!! I just hope it doesnt change its mind!!!! LOL