Monday, November 06, 2006

The Verdict is in....

Its a BOY!

So we went today for a routine sonogram after the spotting last week, and I had been told we MAY be able to find out what it was today! Well the sonographer looked and said.. hmm maybe we can... we will see... at first glance he said.. if i had to guess I would say boy.... then he got another shot and said.. yup 90% its a boy... then on the last shot... which is seen here! He said.. YUP 99% sure its a boy, and a proud one!!! Hes showing off!!! LOL Like father like son I guess!

Now comes the room and all that fun stuff!! I just hope it doesnt change its mind!!!! LOL

1 comment:

jessi said...

I'll start breaking out my blue ribbon.
By the way, it's pretty rebellious for you guys to have a boy. The boy cousins (except for my brother Nathaniel) have always had girls first.
He's going to be a free spirit.