Monday, November 27, 2006

Baby Hendrix? is just fine!

Still getting used to Hendrix.. we will see!!

Anyway we went for a check up today and he is just fine! he was VERY active and moved the whole time.. in fact he started like this..

And ended up like this...

What a GREAT Profile!!! Thanks Dr Ben!

Dr Ben said he has great lips.. LOL not sure how you can tell that.. and a cute nose. He also double checked he was still a boy.. and he is.. the shot looked the same as the other except his legs are fatter!

We also got the obligatory Alien shot!

My Dr also said that I had only gained a pound and my uterus was almost at my belly button! :)

He also said that Dex (trying to get used to the names!) is measuring a week ahead still. But all looks perfect and ready for a trip to England. Our next appt is the 18th, to get a closer look at him and make sure he really is perfect! My Dr was very happy with my test results and said she had never seen a false negative and so doesnt expect anything to come back from the level 2! So fingers crossed!

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riqui said...

what happened to shangobunni!?!?