Monday, January 26, 2009

Our year in short

So I have to first apologize for being crap! LOL Its almost the end of January and here we are at 2 posts!  I guess I always think there should be a picture, something cute or funny and I never have all 3 so I just dont bother I let people roam to my facebook or tumblr and forget about my stragglers (ok 2 readers) that might venture over here. :) 

So so far this year, we have put in hardwood floors, tried to redo our house a little, breath a little life into it to keep us here a little longer! Although in some ways I am ready for the space, I am not ready to pack up and move just yet (let alone go through selling a house!!!!) so we should be here for the majority of 2009 :) 

Hendrix is doing great! hes talking and walking alot better trying to run and oh.. climbing.. yea thats the new thing.. on the couch, on tables (little ones) beds, everything.. one thing he does in trouble for.. and only because mommy thinks its dangerous to HIM! 

Our first big drs visit of the year was to the EYE Dr! We have thought over time that Hendrix has a lazy eye, sometimes we see it in pictures, sometimes when he zones out.. so we decided to take him to a great Eye Dr! After some drops and some screaming and lots of waiting.. it was decided that until his stye is gone (oh yeah.. he has a stye! ugh) that they would check him later.. they saw some crossed eyes, and werent sure.. but said its ok to wait a few months, and that to correct it he will get glasses, IF we need to do it! HAHA glasses on 2 year old.. Go for it my man!! I dont see it.. but what does mom know! LOL 

He also, while at the Drs office, said his first group of words, while he does say "im gonna getchyou" A LOT!!! he actually said something else! .. he saw my keys and grabbed them and said ... "Mommys keys" at first I just said... yes mommas keys.. and then realized how grown up he had sounded when he said it!!! I got home and told Daddy and he said.. oh the other day he said.. "Mommys go to work"..  he is growing up WAAAY too fast for me!!! He was also running around tonight saying.. "DOUBLE EWWWWWW" with a "W" in his hand.. we were both impressed with that.. but hey when your kid is trying to learn his name and it as an X in it! "W" is nothing! 

So thats about it! he loves his puppies, "Hunnner and Csh Csh" and has recently fallen in love with our neighbour.. she has watched him, spends lots of time with us.. and has even made it onto his night night list! Every "night night" starts with "night night momma, night night Daddeeee, night night Csh Csh, night night Hunnnnner, night night light, night night (whatever else is on the way to the bedroom) and then night night Avvvaaaaaaaaayyyy, shes very honored although after a day with us is considering changing her name.. poor baby! LOL 

OH we had Daddys birthday too.. it was very low key with a few friends and very quiet (nothing like the christmas parties) being as we pretty much chose to give up anything fun... everyone went home early and we went to bed .. thats what 33 is like I guess!!! But Im next.. ugh.. 32 I am slowly getting out of the YOUNG thirties.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another Year!

Cool Dude! 

I finally got some time to do some pictures with Hendrix in a shirt that we have had saved up for a few months! I LOVE it! and his little skull Vans, hes officially cooler than mom and dad.. I guess thats not so bad being as we are old and fat now! LOL its not hard to be cooler than us!

Oh and speaking of FAT christmas was awesome! I am sure there are some pics somewhere of the craziness that went on.. but we got lots of great and cool stuff, Hendrix made out like a bandit from um.. EVERYONE, even those that are 3000 miles away! He had a great time though.. and I cant wait til next year when he understands everything that is going on. 

His new word over Christmas was "Santa" but it did get a little embarrassing when he called people checking us out at the store, while pointing and smiling.. SANTA!!!!! LOL Get out of that one! 

So Christmas season was busy.. which is why the lack of posts, and now that the christmas craziness is over and the winter blues have set in, we are all miserable! ... nah not really.. 

Oh and what happens when Sara gets too much time off.. well.. no time off.. we redid our fireplace.. and re did our floors.. there are some pics on my tumblr of those.. (<<<

AS far as Hendrix.. hes actually starting to have moods that represent a real TWO year old.. yea yea I know! It was always going to happen. Hes also saying ALOT.. knows his colors, kind of counts to 10, He recognizes so many things we arent sure where he got the smart gene! LOL We started doing flash cards with him and give him about 5 at a time.. tonight we showed him a cat and asked what it was and he said.. MEOWWW (we dont have a cat.. i dont know how he knows this!) everything else was Book, Bike, Boot, Apple.. then.. MEOW! I am going to try to video it so you can see our genius in action! :) 
 So thats about it for now.. 
My new years vow is to update more, pictures or no pictures.. ha I think I have heard that somewhere before!! LOL