Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hendrixs' new toy!

This week we put a bunch of stuff into a consignment sale, and of course bought new stuff! Mimi purchased this Exersaucer for Hendrix and he was pretty interested yesterday.. banging and playing! He LOVES rattles! LOL

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Halloweeeeeen :)

"Sorry what do you want me to do?"

"hmmmm I see..."

"You want me to eat it????"


"what the heck is this?"

"Ahhhh a PUMPKIN!!!!'

Fall Pictures..

So we played around today with some halloween stuff for pics and Hendrix is getting better at pictures.. not so shocked!
Awww cute fall baby!

hmm orange things!

soo what in the world is this stuff!

This S*%# is scary!!!

Cute pic time!

These were taken a few weeks ago with his bear and one of his England onesies that I think hes almost outgrown already! I wanted to have photographic evidence! :) Man LOOK at those Eyes!!! mommas eyes daddies eyelashes.. makes for some stunning baby eyes!

Here we go.. picture time! Eatin Dinner!

Hendrix has really started to LOVE dinner time! so far he has tried Peaches, Peas, Spinach, Cereal and tomorrow we brave bananas! Everything he has tried so far I have pureed from scratch and I think it tastes SOOO much better, I mean I am not afraid to test it! The Peaches are pretty darn good!!!! As you can see! :)

Reading the cereal box.. just like daddy!

Gotta love peas and Peaches for dinner :)

Whadya talkin bout Willis?

Mmmmmm Queso ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hot Roller Derby Girls!

YUP Hendrix likes em too! :)

Kent and Hendrix joined me today to do a cool shoot with the girls.. we had a great time! I wont share much of what we did, I think its somewhat of a surprise, but it resulted in Hendrix getting a pic with the derby girls (and Aron AKA Armand!) he also tried to the hats on.. not bad!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So Fall is officially in the air! Tonight we attended the very first Stars game of the season! Its preseason, but that just means more goals, more fights! LOL

Today I made the extravgant purchase of the new jersey for my wonderful husband! He truly has proved he can do both, hes a great husband and outstanding father! He has all the time in the world for Hendrix, and actually is better at some things with him than I am! I knew he had been eyeing it and it wasnt something that would wait til Christmas time! So Hendrix and I went and bought it at the Stars Center, Hendrix was so calm and serene while we were there, I wonder if it felt like home to him! LOL I hope so! :)

Anyway, upon arriving home someone had posted on the board I frequent that they had free tickets, well.. I couldnt turn that down! So we made the calls, and by the time Kent got home, he put his new jersey on, and we packed up the baby, Kent REALLY wanted to take Hendrix to his first Stars game, but I think he is just too young, and Mimi couldnt wait to see him again. After hightailling it to Fairview to drop him off, we met up with Brant, got parking that was about 20 ft from will call, and got our tickets!

100 block tickets! on the defensive end! They were amazing! I think they may be a little out of our price range, but for tonight it rocked!

Awwwww look how happy he is! LOL

My vacation started well! and we got our night out! Kent had a great time.. and had the people around us laughing at his hockey commentation! LOL

And now.. A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP, no waking up panicing about baby, although I probably will!! I cant wait! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On this day....

FOUR years ago! Kent and I visited the Mckinney Courthouse and were unofficially married (well it was probably more official than the later actual wedding in May).

I cant believe its been 4 years already, we have accomplished so much together! We have been through all kinds and now here we are with a home, a lovely healthy family, a successful business and more happiness than I ever thought I might have. Its a joy to wake up to my little one each day, hes a smiley boy! Kent not so smiley ;o) JK.

I couldnt find a pic from the "engagement party" so heres one taken at the same place that that was held.. of course the ROVER! about 2 months later :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A gorgeous day in Texas!

OK so we dont get them very often! but today was awesome,.. I am tempted to go sit out there now! we went for a walk to see the ducks for the first time and while mommy was a little scared, Hendrix enjoyed the bag the bread was in and I am not sure that he even noticed the ducks! Then we had some lunch and walked home..

I only had my camera phone so heres some OK pics! At least it was documented right?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Poor baby!

Well I gues today counts as Hendrixs' first sick day. :( He woke up last night throwing up and has done a few times today. But when we woke up this morning he was still my smiley baby! he ate a bottle, threw it up, and smiled some more. Its so hard to tell if hes actually sick or not! He had some pedialyte and hes napping so we may try some more formula when he wakes up. He has no fever, just feels cruddy i am sure!

**This pic was NOT taken today - that would be too mean!**

On Sat we visited with Amy and April and he was done by the time we left Amys, which was the first place we went! LOL hes such a homebody! I had his Mimi (Kents Mum) bib on and I couldnt resist this pic! Mimi has been sick and hasnt seen Hendrix in about 10 days, so I know she misses him.. in this pic he looks like he would rather be with Mimi! LOL

Friday, September 07, 2007

Spin Spin Spin

Hendrix got a walker just recently.. and while he cant get anywhere on our carpet.. he loves to stand up, and LOVES to play with the little toy on there.. we may need to get him something with more toys now! LOL

Monday, September 03, 2007

First Food

Well last week the Dr said we could try food.. so this week we have doing cereal all week and getting some weird faces.. but overall hes kind of liking it! :)

He opens his mouth, moves it around, smiles and some falls out! :) Hes adorable! but we knew that huh!

So whens the peas! :)