Sunday, April 29, 2007

More links..

For those that love pictures of Hendrix... LOL cause there will be plenty!!!! :)

Here is what Lesley took they really are some great pictures of our special day.. and I cant thank her enough :)

Edited to add: Here are Auntie Lesleys links. :) -these are at the hospital -these are with his cousins this week!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Finally a video :)

I got the video to work.. heres a short video of him doing what he does best.. sleeping and looking cute!

I cant get it to post in here.. so just CLICK HERE >>


Our favorite Nurse! :) Shhhhh dont tell the others! :)

We had some great care while in the hospital.. I have no bad words to say! both Hendrix and I were VERY well taken care of, we may come back if we need a vacation :)

Jennifer was so sweet, and took such good care of Hendrix, I would send him to the nursery just to see her.. :) she spoilt him like we do.. So when I went to get him to get him ready to take home this evening I wanted to make sure we got a picture with our favorite nurse.

My Baby Boy

Today was a wonderful day, Everyone said I would remember yesterday and it would be the best day ever. Of course it was a good day, but I knew having a C Section would make me a little doped up and weird.. and of course it made me forget a lot of things. Last night however I was made more comfortable made to walk, and so this morning I felt so much better. They freed me from my IV confines, and everything that was attached.. let me eat real food, and when they bought my little man in this morning he just looked adorable! As April said, apparently I have bonded. Now believe me I still dont think they will let me take him home! I will have to give him back soon, and go back to being plain old Sara.

So after being so rested I got to spend the whole day with him, and guests, we had Grandma Scott, Mimi and Pappaw, Cindy and Kenny, Christi and then Kent appeared from what I figured was home from taking care of the dogs, poked his head around the door and said I have someone to see you.. HUH... then my DAD walked in! Now no offence Dad but this is a MUM stunt! LOL They asked me if I had any idea, and I really didnt, the times that dad has said, are you sure thats the day, are they just going to do the C Section.. which hospital is it.. do you have Kents phone number.. LOL everything! I really didnt ever think he would be here! I am was amazed and happy, and almost cried.. but there were too many people! LOL I cant believe that he is getting to spend time with his Grandpa and his Nana before hes 4 weeks old!

So my dad is now at my house, which I am not sure what it looks like, I would have cleaned better had I known! and we are hoping his jetlag hangs around so he can do the night shift! ;)

The Dr also said today that I was most certainly an overachiever, and that I had made a perfect handsome baby ;) I had to agree!

Hendrix is now in the nursery for the night and of course I cant sleep! it was harder to let him go tonight. They have said that I am looking good enough to go home tomorrow. While I know staying is a good idea, to rest and all, I cant wait to get him home and spend time with Grandpa Dane :) I have been a little stir crazy here and might actually relax more at home!

As far as Hendrix, hes happy! he barely cries, and when he makes that face like its going to be loud, and you brace yourself, he opens one eye, looks at you and just closes his mouth, like ahhh screw it thats too much work! I think he takes after his Dad! He ate really well today, some formula and some breastfeeding, he may have a little jaundice and we will see how it looks tomorrow, but hes pooped 4 times and finished a good amount of formula so hopefully it will get out of his system :) oh and he had a hearing test and passed it! Thats my boy! ;)

It really is official Kent and I have fallen in love.. but this time its with Hendrix.. we are both so happy he chose us! :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Friday!!

He really is getting cuter!

More pics!

OF COURSE Auntie Lesley took a ton of pictures, I think I heard 250 or something.. which is good because I havent really taken all that many..

Heres a fav for now though :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hendrix Dane is here !

Finally its all over.. or just begun depending on how you look at it!

we got here just after 5 and I was immediately put on drips and monitors..

At 7.30 I was taken to the OR for the spinal.. UGH that took ages and they ended up with a long needle or soemthing.. so that felt weird.. and DID kind of hurt..

He came out and had a great APGAR.. of 8.9 I think.. which was great..

Kent is awesome! and I now have him in his little crib next to me.. he loves to lay on me, or on something... and HATES to be moved!! LOL

I will write more later when I can see straight!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

48 Hours..



Look how cute!! :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

3 days to go!!!

Its going WAY TOO FAST!

Sometimes I think that sometimes I think, my god just get him here! LOL But then I realise how hard it will be, and how he might be totally different to what I expect, not that I know what I expect! I still dont feel like I am going to be a parent, and I dont remember what it was like before this belly! I really could bend apparently!! HUH! how nice..

Today is our oldest nephews birthday! Hes growing so fast, it seems like yesterday I met Kent and he had a picture of his sister with this baby on his fridge.. granted it was there for a few years.. LOL (being as I didnt come along til he was probaby 18 months old).

and now hes SIX!!! oh my!

Weird thing is I KNOW I will say the same thing this time next year and year after.. its going way too fast!!! LOL

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cute Poem..

I will try to remember this when hes screaming! LOL and I feel like I have no idea!!

A Baby's Choice Did you ever think, dear Mother, As the seeds of me you sowed, As you breathed new life inside of me and slowly watched me grow, In all your dreams about me When you planned me out so well, When you couldn't wait to have me there Inside your heart to dwell, Did you ever think that maybe I was planning for you, too, And choosing for my very own A mother just like you? A mother who smelled sweet and who Had hands so creamy white, A tender, loving creature Who would soothe me in the night? Did you ever think in all those days While you were coming due, That as you planned a life for me I sought a life with you? Anf now as I lay in your arms, I wonder if you knew While you were busy making me, I was choosing you!

The Countdown begins!!!

7 Days to go

.. Approx 167 hours til I am a mummy! :) and Kents a daddy.. I cant even imagine!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hendrix has a birthday!!

April 26th.. at approx 7.30am :) (C Section)

We will keep you posted and I am hoping to have pictures and video HERE as soon as I can move my fingers :)

UGH High Risk Dr

Today I have an appointment with the High Risk Dr, I dont like going there.. he tells me things I shouldnt be told.. luckily its really early.. so I can get it out of the way.

OH and WAL MART opens today! YAY!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Getting some practice! :)

Yesterday Mimi and I brought Noah home to Mimis house, he was so excited to ride in the car! (I have pictures of all that too :) I will post later).

Today though I had my Drs appt, yes another one, the first of 3 this week actually! afterwards I picked up Mimi and Noah to come and help get ready for baby H, we got groceries and cooked A BUNCH, Mimi left us with enough Ziti and Lasagna to feed our subdivision! and I made Shepherds Pie for dinner and some extras for later.. we have a whole shelf of frozen food.. I love it! :) Noah slept the whole time, and even the dogs were quiet. Noah woke up in strange room and just chatted to himself (we heard him while testing the monitors out ) and he liked the lights in our bedroom (hey if a 2 year old likes them they must be cool!).

Then Mimi turned her interests (or I may have asked.. :) to sewing, she made a cool boppy cover for my naked boppy, which of course matches the room :) and then finished off a cool blanket that I may also need monogrammed now.

Once dinner was over an impromptu pillow fight erupted in my living room.. Uncle Kent, Pappaw and Noah held no prisoners..

Even Hunter was targeted, but immediately went to get his bed to be included in the pillow fight!

The large blue exercise ball, which sits in my living room and never gets used, also became involved in the whole event.. it was good practice for Kent, although it will be a few years before this level of wrestling can take place! :)

I now have one tired SNORING dog, and one that is just passed out! They had fun playing with Noah and really were great with him, I feel pretty confident that they will be great big brothers! :)

It was a great day and I think all had fun :) Its made me anticpate the arrival of little H even more! Not only being more prepared with food, and a finished room, but the fun that will come when the cute babyness wears off! ;) I do hope hes alot like his cousin, in fact I would love him to take a little something from each of them!

McNoskys and Bluebonnets! :)

Awww Look what I found today! Some McNosky's in the Bluebonnets! :) Well more in a tree.. but there are some Bluebonnets there in the background! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Action Packed Sunday!!!

Happy Birthday MUM ! First things first!!!

I also went to celebrate Luke's birthday at Chuckee cheese.. man is that an experience! WITH 2 year olds! WOW. LOL

It was nice to see everyone, Luke, who was just so grown up compared to the last time I saw him, some time last year! WOW.. Jillian sporting a stunning lime green hairbow! :) Mason and April, and even Gavin and Tom! Kent was at home taking a day off.. hey its the least I could do hes having a baby next week!!! LOL

Heres an obligatory group picture.. I swear they keep getting bigger.. and Jenny keeps leaving too early :( I will have to try and photoshop her and Jillian in! ;)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

37 weeks today

WOOOO Nelly!!!

LOOK AT THAT BELLY! LOL Well I feel officially huge! but it feels good to say LOOK NO STRETCH MARKS.. dont hate me! I have still gained plenty of weight.. I just have stretchy skin :) Thanks to that mediteranean blood :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Heres my Hope!

So from the time the Drs had told me what they had found in Little H's head I have gone from worry to reassuring myself that he is fine. The sonographer had said that he wasnt even going to mention it, but I guess hes high risk and its his job to find whatever.. so he told us, My Dr said that shes confident it doesnt mean anything but just maybe a genetic thing. She said that we have done every single test, and sonogram to make sure that he is ok. So I find some comfort in this.. this doesnt however stop me worrying :( I just want a normal healthy baby boy and while that seems like an easy request he has his own plan I guess.

I am comforted to know that my friends and family are praying for him, and even my dad has his whole church in England praying for Little H! :) Its only a few weeks to go.. and I just PRAY hes safe and well.

Here is an article that I enjoy reading.. it gives me hope that the fact that they found this later, and with no other abnormalities means that he is just fine! :)

Clinical significance of isolated enlargement of the cisterna magna (> 10 mm) on prenatal sonography
J. A. Haimovici, P. M. Doubilet, C. B. Benson and M. C. Frates Department of Radiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA 02115, USA.
Enlargement of the cisterna magna has been reported to be associated with aneuploidy. In prior studies of cisterna magna enlargement, however, those fetuses with abnormal chromosomes have had other sonographic abnormalities in addition to a large cisterna magna. Our goal was to assess the clinical significance of the isolated finding of a cisterna magna measuring more than 10 mm in anteroposterior dimension on a prenatal sonogram. We retrieved all prenatal sonograms performed at our institution between 1989 and 1996 in which an enlarged cisterna magna was the only sonographic abnormality. Cases were included in our study if the cisterna magna measured more than 10 mm in the appropriate plane and the fetal survey was otherwise normal, including normal cerebellar size and morphology. Pregnancy outcome and postnatal follow-up were obtained in each case. Fifteen cases comprised our study population. In all 15 fetuses, the enlarged cisterna magna was first seen in the third trimester (gestational age range, 26 to 37 weeks). The cisterna magna ranged from 11 to 19 mm in size (mean, 12.9 mm). All 15 pregnancies resulted in phenotypically normal liveborn infants. All the mother and infants had short hospital stays (1 to 4 days), and the infants were normal at discharge. Longer follow-up was available in eight cases (range, 2 to 69 months), and all eight of these infants were normal. Our results suggest that isolated enlargement of the cisterna magna to more than 10 mm is associated with normal pregnancy and neonatal outcome.

Monday, April 09, 2007

36 week Appointment! hes is coming!! :)

2 weeks tonight I will be in the hospital getting ready for the longest Tuesday of my life!!! We will go in on Monday to get ready to try and deliver this big headed bean on Tuesday. As of today he is weighing in at 6lbs 11oz so hes gaining his half pound a week.. so by delivery time he should be about 8 pounds.. here's hoping..

On the Tuesday they will let me labor for a while and see how hes doing, if he doesn't show signs of moving downward or anything they will go ahead and do a C section as his head may be too big to engage in my pelvis. If anything causes the Dr to think its not at all possible there is a C section scheduled for April 26th. But I really do hope to have some labor.. so I can prepare him for his big entrance, and not just yank him out when hes half asleep!

I do wonder though.. as women have been doing this for years.. what happened when their babies had big heads.. did the Dr's just say.. OH Well.. no baby for you! But after reading how childbirth has evolved, the reason we are now put in such situations is because of prenatal health care, and its a good thing don't get me wrong! Care has evolved in such a way that women are much better taken care of, have better diets (do they see the cookies I eat!!!) and have learnt of the risks of smoking and drinking during pregnancy, therefore preparing us for bigger healthier babies. Of course it also has to do with the ease of C Sections now a days, which some like to call C Birth.. I mean its still a birth, still takes recovery (lots of it) and the end result is the same! :)

At my appointment today, you know this new fangled kind of care where they take good care of you to make this big babies!!! Well imagine for a second a COW.. yes a COW.. (hey Kent's made the sounds at me lately.. I do kinda feel like one.. hes sweet isn't he!! :) ) anyway back to the Cow.. now imagine the farmer with that long glove that goes up his whole arm! and you know what he does with that glove clad arm right.. ya... well that's what the internal felt like today.. I do believe I left the table.. and I am not a huge wuss.. It turns out he is still very HIGH.. and she tried to touch him.. HAHA.. he apparently is like his dad he doesn't want to be touched!!!

So after 2 and half hours of testing and sonograms and prodding I left feeling well.. I have a date.. that was all worth it right!!

If all goes well.. Hendrix Dane Scott will be born to us on April 24th 2007 :) whichever way he cooperates with coming out~

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hendrix's Room is ALMOST done!

His bag is already to go! Ours isnt.. LOL but hey he will be taken care of.

This is his book selection so far!! Auntie April has advised me that reading is great for little ones, and so Kent repainted this unit from Carters to hold his books and toys :)

H!!! I have a feeling thost that have trouble with Hendrix may call him H! or Dex, or Dane! LOL or Henry.. (Jenny).

He has a few blankets with his name on :) Teach him early how to spell it!

I have to add something to those little canvases I am just not sure what yet.. something with black maybe? surprise! LOL We are just waiting on the skirt from Mimi, and the home made bedding made by Moi and Mimi will be complete!

His toy unit and cool mist humidifier! Apparently thats good for him too :)

The dresser I LOVE! Very organised! The London picture.. which will come down when that very old fashioned tv with a VCR gets traded in for a flat screen :) Oh and the black rug that just LOVES the puppies hair!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

You know you are going to the Dr too much when...

They call to confirm your NEXT appointment before you have been to the one scheduled for today!!

AND the home nurse lady called to come and show me how to take my Blood Pressure.. its not even bad.. oh well..

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ok the FINAL bluebonnet pics!

There were some taken of us on Monday but I wasnt too keen on the ones I got.. Kents sister Lesley, on the other hand got some cute ones of us! :) I am actually not afraid to post them :) They actually made me smile :)

The stages of pregnancy!

I have really enjoyed my pregnancy, no major complications, not major weight gain, I have been able to work... until last week. Although I am still doing what I can now.. it just seems like so much has happened in a week. This has taken its toll on me!

I am sure everyone goes through lots of feelings at the end of their pregnancy! I mean you are about to bring this little person into the world.. so my natural instinct right now is.. WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING!

All in all I am scared, petrified (mainly of delivery- whichever way it happens) sad, guilty I feel like I will have nothing for this little one, I have no connection to him, and cant even imagine how you can love something when you didnt know what it would look like. I feel like they will hand me this rolled up thing.. and I will not know what to do with him, or how I feel about him! This scares me BEYOND belief, all I have wanted since I was young was a baby, and now its going to happen I am scared! I guess its natural I mean its a big deal!

On the upside I think Kent is going to be wonderful at this. He talks big but at the end of the day hes got the biggest heart! I think we are both scared to death, but we have been through plenty, this is just another part, with what I am told is a wonderful end result!

So theres my pity party, I am sure (or at least I hope) its natural. I may spend some time in his room today .. I just feel like I want to crawl in a hole :( good job I am on bedrest! I can!:)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Bluebonnets!

Noah being all thougtful and moody :)

Just practicing!
Max in a tree... go figure!
Ahhh children Frolicking!
Max hurt - go figure! :)

Pretty girl!
Everyone ALMOST all smiling and looking at the same time!

Hes got a big what?

Yesterday I had an appointment with the high risk Dr, I think it was all something to do with my BP and just checking on everything. This appoitment mainly consisted of a sonogram where they measured everything on the baby, this is how they can find out that everything is OK with him, there are no abnormalities etc. Well aside from having a VERY large head! Which was measuring about 39 1/2 weeks to my 35 weeks... the Dr mentioned that he had an enlarged (or may have) Cisterna Magna (Can you tell I have been doing my research, I had no idea what he was talking about yesterday - now I could probably tell you anything). The Cisterna Magna is an area in the back of the head (outside of the brain) that had Cerebral Fluid passing through it. The measurement they LIKE to see is 4mm-10mm all of which are very normal. His is about 13mm so not too far off.. and not considered too abnormal.

After having a day of Oh MY God, and then ah its ok.. I finally spoke with my regular Dr last night and she said that normaly this is something that doesnt amount to anything and with no other flags (other weird measurements of bad test results - of which I have had most tests) she really isnt concerned about it. She also said that the developement at 20 weeks provides many more flags and it was measuring fine then. She said if you measured any grown adult probably alot of them have this enlarged Cisterna Magna and are just fine. It was just something they like to see in a normal range and they dont like it when its not.

SO what now! When Little H is born they will take him to have an ultrasound of his head so that they can see if it was just the measurement in utero that was off, or if it really is enlarged. If it is enlarged we can see a pediatric neuroligist (scary words) and he will tell us what to do. As far as I have seen I cant tell that this causes too many issues (especially considering he has no other problems).

Today I am going to see my reg Dr and will probably ask more questions. But for the time being I am trying not to worry about it!

On the bright side the Dr said hes measuring at 6lbs 3 oz already :) again with a VERY large head!!! (Thanks Kent) :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

YAY Bluebonnet time!

There is a great place near my house that has Bluebonnets and a whole lot of them, except last year they didnt have any.. this year.. there is sooo many :) I cant wait to take some pictures of people in them.. ahem...

Anyway I went out this evening to just get pictures of the bluebonnets.. who would have thought that would have worn me out so.. :( I am ready for bed now!
So, Happy Spring! Enjoy!