Monday, April 16, 2007

Getting some practice! :)

Yesterday Mimi and I brought Noah home to Mimis house, he was so excited to ride in the car! (I have pictures of all that too :) I will post later).

Today though I had my Drs appt, yes another one, the first of 3 this week actually! afterwards I picked up Mimi and Noah to come and help get ready for baby H, we got groceries and cooked A BUNCH, Mimi left us with enough Ziti and Lasagna to feed our subdivision! and I made Shepherds Pie for dinner and some extras for later.. we have a whole shelf of frozen food.. I love it! :) Noah slept the whole time, and even the dogs were quiet. Noah woke up in strange room and just chatted to himself (we heard him while testing the monitors out ) and he liked the lights in our bedroom (hey if a 2 year old likes them they must be cool!).

Then Mimi turned her interests (or I may have asked.. :) to sewing, she made a cool boppy cover for my naked boppy, which of course matches the room :) and then finished off a cool blanket that I may also need monogrammed now.

Once dinner was over an impromptu pillow fight erupted in my living room.. Uncle Kent, Pappaw and Noah held no prisoners..

Even Hunter was targeted, but immediately went to get his bed to be included in the pillow fight!

The large blue exercise ball, which sits in my living room and never gets used, also became involved in the whole event.. it was good practice for Kent, although it will be a few years before this level of wrestling can take place! :)

I now have one tired SNORING dog, and one that is just passed out! They had fun playing with Noah and really were great with him, I feel pretty confident that they will be great big brothers! :)

It was a great day and I think all had fun :) Its made me anticpate the arrival of little H even more! Not only being more prepared with food, and a finished room, but the fun that will come when the cute babyness wears off! ;) I do hope hes alot like his cousin, in fact I would love him to take a little something from each of them!

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