Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hendrix's Room is ALMOST done!

His bag is already to go! Ours isnt.. LOL but hey he will be taken care of.

This is his book selection so far!! Auntie April has advised me that reading is great for little ones, and so Kent repainted this unit from Carters to hold his books and toys :)

H!!! I have a feeling thost that have trouble with Hendrix may call him H! or Dex, or Dane! LOL or Henry.. (Jenny).

He has a few blankets with his name on :) Teach him early how to spell it!

I have to add something to those little canvases I am just not sure what yet.. something with black maybe? surprise! LOL We are just waiting on the skirt from Mimi, and the home made bedding made by Moi and Mimi will be complete!

His toy unit and cool mist humidifier! Apparently thats good for him too :)

The dresser I LOVE! Very organised! The London picture.. which will come down when that very old fashioned tv with a VCR gets traded in for a flat screen :) Oh and the black rug that just LOVES the puppies hair!!

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April said...

I'm going to call Hendrix "Haech" like how you brits say the letter H! HAHAHA! I'm going to try & come back out there this week and buy that dresser from Ikea- If i can convince Gavin to come too we'll do bluebonnet pictures too! :D be Prepared...just in case!!! lol