Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hendrix Dane is here !

Finally its all over.. or just begun depending on how you look at it!

we got here just after 5 and I was immediately put on drips and monitors..

At 7.30 I was taken to the OR for the spinal.. UGH that took ages and they ended up with a long needle or soemthing.. so that felt weird.. and DID kind of hurt..

He came out and had a great APGAR.. of 8.9 I think.. which was great..

Kent is awesome! and I now have him in his little crib next to me.. he loves to lay on me, or on something... and HATES to be moved!! LOL

I will write more later when I can see straight!


Kristin A said...

Precious perfect little angel!!

Jennifer said...

How wonderful - awesome - fantastic and yes, it has just begun - LOL.

Congrats and I can't wait to meet him!!!

Jennifer said...

WONDERFUL - FANTASTIC - AWESOME!!!! Yes, it has just begun - I can't wait to meet him!!!

Hannah said...

Hello little cousin Hendrix, this is ur big cousin! Ill be the cool fun one that u cant wait to come stay with you!!

Cant wait to meet you, looking fwd to the summer!

Hope u dont keep ur mommy up too much in the nights, she needs her beauty sleep you know! :P

Congrats Sara & Kent, he's gorgeous!!