Monday, April 09, 2007

36 week Appointment! hes is coming!! :)

2 weeks tonight I will be in the hospital getting ready for the longest Tuesday of my life!!! We will go in on Monday to get ready to try and deliver this big headed bean on Tuesday. As of today he is weighing in at 6lbs 11oz so hes gaining his half pound a week.. so by delivery time he should be about 8 pounds.. here's hoping..

On the Tuesday they will let me labor for a while and see how hes doing, if he doesn't show signs of moving downward or anything they will go ahead and do a C section as his head may be too big to engage in my pelvis. If anything causes the Dr to think its not at all possible there is a C section scheduled for April 26th. But I really do hope to have some labor.. so I can prepare him for his big entrance, and not just yank him out when hes half asleep!

I do wonder though.. as women have been doing this for years.. what happened when their babies had big heads.. did the Dr's just say.. OH Well.. no baby for you! But after reading how childbirth has evolved, the reason we are now put in such situations is because of prenatal health care, and its a good thing don't get me wrong! Care has evolved in such a way that women are much better taken care of, have better diets (do they see the cookies I eat!!!) and have learnt of the risks of smoking and drinking during pregnancy, therefore preparing us for bigger healthier babies. Of course it also has to do with the ease of C Sections now a days, which some like to call C Birth.. I mean its still a birth, still takes recovery (lots of it) and the end result is the same! :)

At my appointment today, you know this new fangled kind of care where they take good care of you to make this big babies!!! Well imagine for a second a COW.. yes a COW.. (hey Kent's made the sounds at me lately.. I do kinda feel like one.. hes sweet isn't he!! :) ) anyway back to the Cow.. now imagine the farmer with that long glove that goes up his whole arm! and you know what he does with that glove clad arm right.. ya... well that's what the internal felt like today.. I do believe I left the table.. and I am not a huge wuss.. It turns out he is still very HIGH.. and she tried to touch him.. HAHA.. he apparently is like his dad he doesn't want to be touched!!!

So after 2 and half hours of testing and sonograms and prodding I left feeling well.. I have a date.. that was all worth it right!!

If all goes well.. Hendrix Dane Scott will be born to us on April 24th 2007 :) whichever way he cooperates with coming out~

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