Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hes got a big what?

Yesterday I had an appointment with the high risk Dr, I think it was all something to do with my BP and just checking on everything. This appoitment mainly consisted of a sonogram where they measured everything on the baby, this is how they can find out that everything is OK with him, there are no abnormalities etc. Well aside from having a VERY large head! Which was measuring about 39 1/2 weeks to my 35 weeks... the Dr mentioned that he had an enlarged (or may have) Cisterna Magna (Can you tell I have been doing my research, I had no idea what he was talking about yesterday - now I could probably tell you anything). The Cisterna Magna is an area in the back of the head (outside of the brain) that had Cerebral Fluid passing through it. The measurement they LIKE to see is 4mm-10mm all of which are very normal. His is about 13mm so not too far off.. and not considered too abnormal.

After having a day of Oh MY God, and then ah its ok.. I finally spoke with my regular Dr last night and she said that normaly this is something that doesnt amount to anything and with no other flags (other weird measurements of bad test results - of which I have had most tests) she really isnt concerned about it. She also said that the developement at 20 weeks provides many more flags and it was measuring fine then. She said if you measured any grown adult probably alot of them have this enlarged Cisterna Magna and are just fine. It was just something they like to see in a normal range and they dont like it when its not.

SO what now! When Little H is born they will take him to have an ultrasound of his head so that they can see if it was just the measurement in utero that was off, or if it really is enlarged. If it is enlarged we can see a pediatric neuroligist (scary words) and he will tell us what to do. As far as I have seen I cant tell that this causes too many issues (especially considering he has no other problems).

Today I am going to see my reg Dr and will probably ask more questions. But for the time being I am trying not to worry about it!

On the bright side the Dr said hes measuring at 6lbs 3 oz already :) again with a VERY large head!!! (Thanks Kent) :)

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