Monday, April 23, 2007

3 days to go!!!

Its going WAY TOO FAST!

Sometimes I think that sometimes I think, my god just get him here! LOL But then I realise how hard it will be, and how he might be totally different to what I expect, not that I know what I expect! I still dont feel like I am going to be a parent, and I dont remember what it was like before this belly! I really could bend apparently!! HUH! how nice..

Today is our oldest nephews birthday! Hes growing so fast, it seems like yesterday I met Kent and he had a picture of his sister with this baby on his fridge.. granted it was there for a few years.. LOL (being as I didnt come along til he was probaby 18 months old).

and now hes SIX!!! oh my!

Weird thing is I KNOW I will say the same thing this time next year and year after.. its going way too fast!!! LOL

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