Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Baby Boy

Today was a wonderful day, Everyone said I would remember yesterday and it would be the best day ever. Of course it was a good day, but I knew having a C Section would make me a little doped up and weird.. and of course it made me forget a lot of things. Last night however I was made more comfortable made to walk, and so this morning I felt so much better. They freed me from my IV confines, and everything that was attached.. let me eat real food, and when they bought my little man in this morning he just looked adorable! As April said, apparently I have bonded. Now believe me I still dont think they will let me take him home! I will have to give him back soon, and go back to being plain old Sara.

So after being so rested I got to spend the whole day with him, and guests, we had Grandma Scott, Mimi and Pappaw, Cindy and Kenny, Christi and then Kent appeared from what I figured was home from taking care of the dogs, poked his head around the door and said I have someone to see you.. HUH... then my DAD walked in! Now no offence Dad but this is a MUM stunt! LOL They asked me if I had any idea, and I really didnt, the times that dad has said, are you sure thats the day, are they just going to do the C Section.. which hospital is it.. do you have Kents phone number.. LOL everything! I really didnt ever think he would be here! I am was amazed and happy, and almost cried.. but there were too many people! LOL I cant believe that he is getting to spend time with his Grandpa and his Nana before hes 4 weeks old!

So my dad is now at my house, which I am not sure what it looks like, I would have cleaned better had I known! and we are hoping his jetlag hangs around so he can do the night shift! ;)

The Dr also said today that I was most certainly an overachiever, and that I had made a perfect handsome baby ;) I had to agree!

Hendrix is now in the nursery for the night and of course I cant sleep! it was harder to let him go tonight. They have said that I am looking good enough to go home tomorrow. While I know staying is a good idea, to rest and all, I cant wait to get him home and spend time with Grandpa Dane :) I have been a little stir crazy here and might actually relax more at home!

As far as Hendrix, hes happy! he barely cries, and when he makes that face like its going to be loud, and you brace yourself, he opens one eye, looks at you and just closes his mouth, like ahhh screw it thats too much work! I think he takes after his Dad! He ate really well today, some formula and some breastfeeding, he may have a little jaundice and we will see how it looks tomorrow, but hes pooped 4 times and finished a good amount of formula so hopefully it will get out of his system :) oh and he had a hearing test and passed it! Thats my boy! ;)

It really is official Kent and I have fallen in love.. but this time its with Hendrix.. we are both so happy he chose us! :)

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