Saturday, July 26, 2008

A quick one!

Hendrix loves to look out of the window and I was trying to capture him all thoughtful he turned around at the last minute and gave me a big cheesy grin!

I realized the other day H had been the studio lately.. well hes a little rusty and all he wanted was the BIG duck!

I said it was quick.. but I didnt mean nothing! LOL

Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Video of Hendrix.. YAY!

So he has HIgh Five down! and now Kent has taught him knuckles! its so cute... but here he is more interested in getting the camera from me.. and sweet talking his audience!

Heres some more.. of Hendrix walking.. Almost.. :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


That was all I could say yesterday when I heard that THE DWeddings issue had come out.. so how did it look, a few calls to Shannan and an email or 2 from Travis and I had a good idea! Then last night I went to have a little celebration with them (as much as you can in Pjs and work out clothes! LOL) which was lots of fun, and got to see it in person! and still was completely floored by the nice things that were written, I am very a lucky girl! 

The article is online here D WEDDINGS and also in print (but apparently not in any stores near me!) 


Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy 4th of July Americans!

On July 4th I took Hendrix to our little subdivisions "parade" if you can call 20 people walking a block a parade! LOL I wondered if being English I was out of place, but with such a cute little American riding in the stroller who would question me! He got a flag, a popsicle and a tattoo. 

Then he spent the weekend with Mimi and Papaw, I swear he goes over there and comes back 3months older! We had a nice time trying to finish our Pergola in the 100 degree direct sun.. and while recovering from some sunburn we got out a little to see friends! Thats always nice.. and I decided its also nice having a baby free vacation at home, I got to swim, by myself.. take naps.. stay out WAY too late! But it was also relaxing :) 

On Sunday Mimi and Papaw brought Hendrix back to us with all kinds of new tricks.. a little more walking, and some new words.. Diaper, and now he claims that Papaw is HIS Papaw! Oh so cute.. but he seems he grows to fast when hes gone! 

So while hanging and grilling under what is almost a finished Pergola (oh and for those of you that look at me like I am crazy or immediately google it! - A pergola is a garden feature forming a shaded walk or passageway of pillars that support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice, upon which woody vines are trained -straight from wikipedia) we got some new pics of Hendrix which doesnt happen as often as it should! 

He has always loved the light switches and now hes upright he can beg you all day long to lift him up so he can say OFF, ON and then point all surprise and yell LIGHT! 
Hes also trying on everyones clothes now.. in his own way! I now finding sitting in the closet with underwear around his neck.. NICE! 

Daddy got in on the action with some throwing.. he knows how to scare mummy! 

Hendrix and his open mouth slobbery kisses! I love them! and looking as sweet as pie! ( I think I have a picture of him a few seconds later crying with the rolled up lip and everything.. I told him off for touching the TV buttons.. mean mummy!
And of course some pics of our other babies.. I know everyone loves to laugh at Cashs feet! :)