Wednesday, July 09, 2008


That was all I could say yesterday when I heard that THE DWeddings issue had come out.. so how did it look, a few calls to Shannan and an email or 2 from Travis and I had a good idea! Then last night I went to have a little celebration with them (as much as you can in Pjs and work out clothes! LOL) which was lots of fun, and got to see it in person! and still was completely floored by the nice things that were written, I am very a lucky girl! 

The article is online here D WEDDINGS and also in print (but apparently not in any stores near me!) 



House of Brodt said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is SO awesome!!!

Sainz Family said...

How can I get my hands on a copy!! Thats sooo awesome!!

Jennifer said...

Way to go - sorry I missed it but you do brides like no one I have ever seen!!!!