Friday, December 25, 2009

White sands, new Mexico

White sands was breathtaking , peaceful, beautiful, I hope we go back one day:)

Hendrix did not want to leave :)

New car at white sands

Magical and peaceful did i say that already :) I wish i lived near it and I could go everyday

Looked like snow but was actually sparkly sand... Ok so maybe a little ice :)

Even baby jax got to go up with daddy :)

Later white sands :) we had fun :)

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 1 part 2

My phone got all screwy on my last post and lost a bunch ugh so now I have to write it again but what else am I doing .... Right :)

So where did I get to? Oh yea Roswell, we stopped at mcds (yes again) to change diapers etc, when I came out of the bathroom it had starts to snow..... Wth where did that come from???

So then we try decide whether to keep going or not?? We decide to keep going as it may get worse if we spend the night and then we would be spending christmas in Roswell which while appealing, was not what I wanted to be doing THIS Christmas!! Lol

So we plow on I drove which is why there is a lack of pictures of the snow I saw. We were only about 100 miles from where we were stopping and so figured alamogordo was desert so it had to get better at some point right????

It did get better then it got lots worse. We stopped at the top of some mountain, in ruidoso? I think. I run into a hotel and the guy there even said we should keep going as it would get better and otherwise we may get stuck there. So here we are 40 miles from alamogordo wondering when the heck the cars were going to randomly stop spinning in the street???

So Kent took over and we headed down a mountain full of snow it was 23 degrees and we were accompanied by lots of 18 wheelers ... Joy.

After the scariest 30 miles of my life squeezed into the back with my babies we got to Alamogordo yeee-frickin-haw a nice hotel, clean babies and a bed....goooood night

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And we're off..

Posted from the road, gotta love iPhone and best camera for making pretty pictures :)

First stop macdonalds for breakfast a little later than planned oh well it's vacation right :)

We followed this guy for about 3 hours I'm sure he was freaked out but there's not much going on out there lol, we saw a whole lot of nothing for a very long time Texas is not a very pretty place... Not that way anyway.

My smiley boy, they both did so well, Jaxson smiled, ate and slept for the most part!

Hendrix ate, watched Thomas and slept and asked to go home to the puppies poor thing its the first vacation might remember so I hope it's a good one.

The boys sat and watches movies I'm pretty sure Jaxson was trying to watch too :)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A time for giving...

Every year we adopt an angel from the Frisco ISD Angel program. Even in this tough times this year was to be no exception. Our angel is a 14 year old boy .. Hard to buy for on a budget! Gave me an insight into christmas' to come and kinda scared me! LOL

I have done this since Hendrix was just 8 months old and each year we take pictures with our angels gifts so that he can look back and remember, just one of our christmas traditions :) This year Jax was initiated and well.. as with most things.. he hated it! LOL or he was just pissed about being taken out of the nice warm car... its all about giving dude!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Here we are again!

We got a Family picture.. I am still a little shocked!!

My happy boys! They both have these crazy eye lashes! Its not fair that the 3 men in my life have these and I do not!

While I could apologize all day long, the truth is I have been waaaaaay too busy! Thats good right.. right?? But things are slowing down and I am about ready to do christmas before it comes and goes and I dont even notice it :(

My boys are awesome! Hendrix is an amazing big brother.. which we knew! and Jaxson is coming out of his colic yukky screaming funk :) Hes starting to coo and talk and smile! Oh the smiles! I love them! I taught Hendrix to tell him "Agggoooooooo" yesterday and Hendrix loves the response he gets! :)

Its hard to believe hes already 2 and half months old! Apart from some struggles with different formulas it seems we have found one we like and that agrees with him and its made a huge difference! Go figure its almost twice the cost of the others.. I think he may be high maintenance!

Bring on the christmas time! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good morning baby brudder

Hendrix loves his baby "brudder" every morning he says good morning, and night night. Last night they went to bed at the same time in "their" room and baby Jax did so good sleeping in their until 12.30 :) then he came back to my bed :)

Jax is doing pretty good loves to eat sleep poop and complain, he's a little more vocal than Hendrix but just fine once he gets food in his mouth.

He had his 2 week appointment yesterday and is gaining very well, he was born at 8 3 left the hospital at 7 9 and yesterday was up to 8 7 I guess his yelling to be fed is paying off lol

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My snuggly baby

Jaxson is one of the most snuggliest babies :) wrap him in a warm blanket or swaddle him and he's set :) he will inch his way toward your neck if he's laying on you and fall asleep there it's so sweet.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jaxson Kincade Scott

Jaxson arrived yesterday at approximately 12.45 weighing in at 8lbs 3oz and 20 inches. He has a bunch of blonde blonde hair and yes mamma was very surprised:)

Hendrix has met Jax but there was so much going on yesterday that he was busy with his cousins and family so I'm hoping he will come back up today and be able to meet him again.

He's eating like a champ latching all on his own he fed about 3 times yesterday at good intervals which I was very happy about. Since I'm still not able to get up or move too much he went to the nursery at about 10.30 last night, I told them his next feeding could be formula (for nightime) then to bring him to me, I still haven't seen him and it's 4.15 am so here's hoping he already has his days and nights down :)

So happy to see that belly gone and happily equipped with my binder I'll be excited when I can move around just a little more :)

Not sure why this us upside down?? Lol

Welcome to our world Baby Jax I hope it's good to you.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here we go

Bye bye belly .... Hello hospital :)

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Family day

Today we got ready and headed out for a yummy breakfast at ihop and then to the mall to finish making brothers bear. We had to pay a visit to Thomas at barnes and noble and I'm pretty sure he would have stayed there all day.

It's like playing "where's Hendrix" lol

Then it was home for a nap, while I went and got some pampering in :)

Tonight my sweet boy came and told me " night mamma" grabbed his blanket, took daddies hand and looked back and said "bye mamma" :( oh my my heart almost broke.. Little do you know babe... Your whole world is going to change and you don't even know it.

T-12 hours ...
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Monday, September 28, 2009

To My Little Boy

So tomorrow we go to the hospital to have your Little Brother, for weeks I have been very torn about this whole event, looking for reassurance that everything will be ok, that we can manage 2 children, that you will be happy with this choice to expand our family. I see other kids with siblings and think they can do it!, I know we will be fine and you will love him as we do.

While I know the transition will be tough, probably for all of us, I know in the years to come it will become easier, and despite petty fighting and disagreements I am sure you and your brother will be the best of friends, sharing laughs and playtime, I can only hope he has your sweet laugh and sense of humor (which I am pretty sure came from Daddy!)

When hes One and can start playing with you and chasing you , you have soo many toys to share, and you can show them all to him :) play cars with him, explain the workings of Thomas and Mickey Mouse! Tell him about Christmas, and Easter and all the fun times.

When hes 5 you will be going to BIG school and can come home and tell him what its like, I know he will miss you each day as you go about your big boy things.

When hes 10, well.. you may not want much to do with him.. I mean you will be 12! Who wants a 10 year old around!

All I can say is that I hope and pray that one day you can stand at each others weddings as each others Best Men, and say that he is your BEST FRIEND, and have a bunch of fun, emotional and exciting stories to share :)

I love you baby :)

Lol sorry blogrollers

Anyone that has me on their blogroll is thinking holy crap what's going on... That's like 15 posts in one night......just trying to get caught up before baby Jax, then i have to go back to being a good prompt blogger. I'm also a little particular about the posts being in order lol even if they do all have the same date :)

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A boy, some tokens, and an EMPTY Peter piper pizza

I thought today would be a good day to put aside baby/momma of two fears and have some fun with my boy.

After school we headed to PPP with our coupon for a free mini pizza in hand and some money for tokens.

After realizing it was in fact open we ran in and Hendrix was in kiddie heaven.

First there was a lap with button pressing and "momma light" " momma truck" etc before he even wanted money...( I love this button phase).

Once that was over we needed tokens, well we found a spiderman car so he had to ride it

"faster spidey faster"

Then it was time for the slightly faster merry ground.... Mam those make you dizzy.

While we were there we talked Wendy into bringing Leighton to play 2 toddlers and a whole place to run free.... Awesome

Leighton liked spiderman too :)

All in all it was fun for both kids :) and I think the mommas even enjoyed it (and the pizza) a little :)
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Balloon festival

While on the way home from mims we noticed A LOT of balloons in the sky, then I remembered it was the balloon festival.

So I show Hendrix look balloons, then I see them get closer and closer and then think wait a minute that ones landing.... In that neighborhood. So we make a sharp left, I want to seee.... And what do we find....

A balloon landing on an open lot...

After realizing that others were interested and we could go near it we got out and investigated, hendrix loved it.... A balloon as big as an airplane???!! Pretty cool :)

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