Monday, September 28, 2009

A boy, some tokens, and an EMPTY Peter piper pizza

I thought today would be a good day to put aside baby/momma of two fears and have some fun with my boy.

After school we headed to PPP with our coupon for a free mini pizza in hand and some money for tokens.

After realizing it was in fact open we ran in and Hendrix was in kiddie heaven.

First there was a lap with button pressing and "momma light" " momma truck" etc before he even wanted money...( I love this button phase).

Once that was over we needed tokens, well we found a spiderman car so he had to ride it

"faster spidey faster"

Then it was time for the slightly faster merry ground.... Mam those make you dizzy.

While we were there we talked Wendy into bringing Leighton to play 2 toddlers and a whole place to run free.... Awesome

Leighton liked spiderman too :)

All in all it was fun for both kids :) and I think the mommas even enjoyed it (and the pizza) a little :)
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