Monday, August 31, 2009

Eat my shorts

And he did own little Bart Simpson lol

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Helping momma

Today my boys came with me to the studio to help me...we changed out some backdrops cleaned up some stuff and Hendrix entertained us :)

Then we visited papaw and took him dinner followed by a little bit of fun :)

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Cooking with mama

Hendrix has become very interested in the kitchen, he has a little stool so he can see what I'm doing, but for big jobs Luke brownies he has to sit on the counter, it's gets messy lol but tastes sooo good :)

Obviously that's leads to this....

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The changing belly

Trying to see if I can see a difference as more than one person has said "he's dropped" lately, as much as I feel it I don't see it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mr Lucas

On thursday after Hendrixs eye appt (more about that later) we got a call that aunt L would be heading to the hospital to have baby cousin :) we headed straight there and got to hang out a little before the crowds arrived .... Then we waited... And waited.... At 5.13 little Lucas was born at 9lbs 1 oz yea I know holy moly..... He's big healthy and beautiful and that's all that matters :)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bye bye fishies :(

Yesterday marked the end of Hendrixs fish, as I sat in the living room and heard an almighty "whoooosh" I knew what had happened, it was what daddy had said would happen :(

I found Hendrix soaking wet(ewwww) wet rug, and immediately thought .... Where are the fishies. Well those of you that know me know that I am not one to bond with nature. So as I grab up the fishies (double ew) and get them in water, I'm impressed they are still alive. I clean the tank and decide a few hours later to put them back in. Later that day I have one sunk fish and one floating fish.... Very confusing??

As of today the tank and pump were still in there, part lazy part noise for Hendrix, well today I decided we would get no more fish .....

Hendrix decided to wash his bubble equipment... Bubbles and water pump = mucho bubbles... Needless to say the tank is gone ... And he got to sleep fine with no noise go figure ...

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Monday, August 10, 2009

My boys new room

It's certainly a work in progress and I've been slower at it than I'd hoped :( daddy has been on top of his game painting the dresser, assembling the crib, moving the rooms, I just need to start making things :( which I don't have any energy left for:( but here are a few things

Light switch plate cover

Frames covered in THE fabric

The wall before we were totally done

Now I just need some energy to finish it :(
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Playtime with Miley

Today I has to work a little but then met Miley and Missy at the mall for cookies and playtime :)

While Miley dodged the rampaging kids, Hendrix tormented the big kids, I'm pretty sure he thinks everyone is his cousin lol

Mileys been trained well to smile for me, Hendrix not so much

Loving the slide

Miley did too :)

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iPhone blogging??

Testing out a new iPhone app to keep my blog updated with more of our goings on :)

I'm trying to get more images on here so that when I have my blog made into a keepsake book I remember all the little things we do :)

Here's a pic from today :) Im excited my quad cam works again :)

Where's the bath tub baby gone ?

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Friday, August 07, 2009

31 weeks....

And feeling like a basketball ugh

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

My little dreamer

Our song is "you are my sunshine" the other day he woke up, pointed at the window and said " momma sunshine" so I opened his blind and watched as he told his baby bopp about cars and trees :)

His imagination is amazing, his mind is always working, hes such a thinker and so tenderhearted I love it.

I wonder how mr J will be, I want him to be the same, but I know that won't happen, so I just hope he is as charming and as loving as his big brother (and he gets all of that from daddy). It's going to be a blessing to be surrounded by such love and umm testosterone lol

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