Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Little One

While the date will say its Hendrixs birthday its VERY late on Friday evening :) I have just been busy doing stuff and realized its now my little boys 1st birthday. It took me until today to really believe it! and each time I say or it or write it down I want to cry :( not in a bad way or a regretful way, just because its soooo true when people say how fast it goes. I have seriously loved every single minute and from the over 100 clips of video and 1500 pictures I started to go through tonight I have great documentation of it all. Kent and I sat and watch some of the video as it loaded on my computer and it really is amazing all the memories we have captured. 

The last year hasn't been nearly as stressful, sleepless, worrisome or even as hard as I thought becoming a parent would be. Instead it has been full of Love, Fear (of anything happening to him), Laughter ( I noticed on the video tonight.. a lot of that!), and even heartbreak, I cant imagine him growing up and not needing me, but we have a long way to go til then! :) 

I am excited to share this weekend with my son (still sounds weird!) and my wonderful husband :) (apart from a wedding stint tomorrow for a few hours :) ) we will call that a long naptime.. so I dont feel like I have left him on his birthday! LOL We have a busy weekend and then a trip to the aquarium on Monday.

Now I just have to keep it together! :) 

Happy Birthday Little One! 
(this is him in his new fancy front facing seat) 

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OK maybe I cried a little after re reading that! MAN such a wuss!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A day out!

Tuesday we were invited to tag along on a trip to the petting zoo, I brought with me Sarah and Christopher to keep us company :) Hendrix did great, but he was so tired and I think hes teething again, he was a little fussy most of the day :*( but I guess its time to get more teeth!

Anyway, at the Petting Zoo we were introduced to a Guinea Pig, Ball Python, Blue Tongued Skink, Rabbit, Hedgehog, Lizard... I think thats most of them! They had new baby pigs and THE most adorable baby Goat.. that it seemed Hendrix got a little deep with! LOL

Happy Birthday - ROUND ONE!

So Sunday was the first of the birthday parties! Hendrix and Max shared their family party this year, and they both didnt seem to mind sharing the limelight :)

We all had fun and ended the day with those HUGE volcano creations.. as you can see Hendrix was a little surprised by it!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Growing fast!

Today is the first of Hendrixs Birthday parties.. I am almost sad, its been a year (almost) and I cant believe it! Hes a little man now, who gets himself around and blabbers on about goodness only knows!

This week we had some fun days some down days and of course some work days.. blah! We had a day out with Mimi and Papaw to pick birthday presents.. that was FUN! We helped grandma get new glasses, everyone appreciated that! LOL

Hendrix with Mimis cup!

We also helped Nana celebrate her birthday! :) It was on Tuesday a brighter side of Tax Day! :)

Hendrix is venturing into new rooms and figuring out how our house works.. he loves the doors and he loves the windows! Maybe hes trying to tell me something?? LOL

I have a feeling I have a picture of me doing this when i was little! I mean he likes TV why wouldnt he like the washing machine! LOL

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hendrix overload!

A Hendrix overload!

I am sure you wont mind :)

A cool pic of Hendrix :)

This is what we call his ENGLISH face! :) the one on the Right! :) he started doing it there.. not sure what its about!

Having fun in the bluebonnets!

Hes looking SOOO big! :) They DO grow fast!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What have we learned?

In the words of my new favorite comedian! Craig Ferguson, hes a quirky, intoxicated Scottishman on late night TV :) there is something about him I really kind of like! I have started to DVR his show as the time that its on at night I would prefer not to be awake, but sometimes I am, thats how I found him :) Anyway.. at the end of his shows he lays back and asks what did we learn today..

Well what DID we learn this week..

We learned that we LOVE having a few days to ourselves, Hendrix is SO MUCH fun right now, so we love Mondays, we sleep, clean, go for walks! I LOVE it! and sometimes on Wednesdays too.. and we have been treated to some crummy weather, which just makes it easier to stay home and be snuggly!

We also learned that I am much more scared of storms than I thought! :( we got some HORRIBLE weather this week, some of my friends where in the middle of it, while we didnt get much damage there was thunder that made me jump so fast it woke Kent up and grabbed me.. I closed the curtains, checked on the baby over and over, who actually slept through it! we were both online checking various sites! It all turned out it was just rain and some storminess.. and we all went back to sleep.. except for Hendrix, he woke up once it was over! LOL

Hmmm we also learned that I HATE tax time.. well I always have but this year they are seriously well.. this is no place for terms like that!
BUT it has made me glad we arent moving and we took our house off the market! LOL

We learned that Hendrix LOVES to swim! :) He was so cute swimming with his little friend Christopher :)

OOOO and we learned that my new favorite movie is AUGUST RUSH, I kept seeing it while renting movies and it caught my eye, except I thought it was a kids movie, well when the weather got icky I rented it thinking Hendrix and I could watch it! I ended up putting it on on Friday night while Kent was at work, and LOVED it, cried a little, was incredibly inspired, so much so I couldnt take it back the next day.. I have now watched it 3 times in 2 days, and didnt even mind that it skipped in parts and even watched those parts over again :) you know in between cleaning and breakfast etc.. :)

We learned that 3 year old birthday parties just get more and more fun! especially when you get your head stuck in the bouncy castle! :) HA yea didnt know about that one did you :)
You also realise upon compiling the images you have captured of said 3 year old, how much you have been blessed to be a part of his life! :)

And what did Hendrix learn, apart from the real crawling on all fours, and getting really good and pulling up and walking.. oh and learning UP when he wants you to get him, and standing (and somtimes jumping - depending on how pleased he is to see you) that Hendrix LOVES LOVES LOVES Chocolate chip pancakes.. its becomes daddies favorite Sunday morning thing!:)




Oh and the fancy header! Momma learned some new tricks this week :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Its soooo quiet...

Its 9.30am on a Sunday morning and its just me and the dogs :) Everyone else is STILL asleep! Of course Hendrix does this on days I want to see him, I made the mistake(it really wasnt) of venturing into a post on one of the boards I frequent about a little boy who had died from Leukemia, it was interesting to read his story, see his milestones, which were much like Hendrixs, and I cried for a good long while. It seems so unfair! :( Ethan was a fighter as were his parents, I cant even imagine the strength they have. My thoughts go to them to keep their strength going.

Good Night baby Ethan

Its when you read these kinds of stories you realize the strength it takes to be a parent, there are days I realize I love him so much it hurts, and just pray that nothing or no one will ever hurt him, but you cant predict life and I just hope hes happy and healthy. It also made me wonder if I could ever have another baby, I dont know that I have the strength in me to worry about 2 little ones. so last night was one of those nights I wish Hendrix had woken up in the middle of the night so I could just hold him, but he didnt, and hes sleeping in extra late so I cant get my hands on him!

So while I am waiting for them to wake up its soo quiet (except for Hunters snoring) and I am so grateful for everything we have, including our health, our love and all of the "things" we work for.

Now if I could just convince EVERYONE in England to move to a small commune here it would be perfect! :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

So what have we been up to??

Well we put our house on the market, started building a new one, didnt have much interest in our home.. and realised our payment was going down and that we really didnt need the space yet and so decided to stay :) I am glad now of the decision, I think once we really plan baby number 2 we will think about it again :)

This is a pic of our bedroom and the headboard we made to finish it off.. I am still proud of it :) although I may have already posted a pic of that.. oh well..

Hendrix has started to clap, say uh oh, pull up on the ottoman, open and close the kitchen cabinets (and open and close and open and close!) he even got a saucepan out and made a great noise on the floor! so we need to organise his own cupboard soon. He is so much fun to be around, although hes trying to start to skip naps and he loves his sleep so that takes its toll some days! :)

I have lost approx 10lbs on my new "program" and Hendrix has enjoyed being back playing at the gym. We have taken lots of walks and cant wait for the gym to open near our house.

Kents finally got a weekend at home (sort of) its the first friday he hasnt had to go from his job to some kind of sport in weeks, months, in fact apart from while we were away its probably been since before christmas, so it will be nice to have him home this weekend.

My aunts lovely house in England where we stayed :) Very English

Posing in the yard for Nana!

Mum, me and the man of the hour!

My mums dog saffi... also likes having her pic taken!

Of course upon getting home we were confused! We came home to 75 degree gorgeous weather! then the next day, luckily we were all snuggled at home catching up on sleep etc.. we woke up to this..

Hendrix wasnt too sure!

We tried to take him with us in the front yard to make snowmen and hed had had about enough by then!

Although he didnt mind watching from inside.. :)

Since then we have had RAIN alot of it, Tornadoes, almost 90 degrees and sunny.. Spring is where our SEASONS hit.. soon it will just be 100 and HOT every day.. so I am enjoying all the changes! :) yesterday was 80 today is 55 so far! :)

PHew.. ok.. is that good?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

yup I am a bad blogger :(

I have really sucked lately.. thats all I will say :)

I do have a few new pics of Hendrix.. so here you go :)

It seems I have only this on my computer right now! :( I will get some new pics of my camera soon and maybe even some video! :)