Friday, April 04, 2008

So what have we been up to??

Well we put our house on the market, started building a new one, didnt have much interest in our home.. and realised our payment was going down and that we really didnt need the space yet and so decided to stay :) I am glad now of the decision, I think once we really plan baby number 2 we will think about it again :)

This is a pic of our bedroom and the headboard we made to finish it off.. I am still proud of it :) although I may have already posted a pic of that.. oh well..

Hendrix has started to clap, say uh oh, pull up on the ottoman, open and close the kitchen cabinets (and open and close and open and close!) he even got a saucepan out and made a great noise on the floor! so we need to organise his own cupboard soon. He is so much fun to be around, although hes trying to start to skip naps and he loves his sleep so that takes its toll some days! :)

I have lost approx 10lbs on my new "program" and Hendrix has enjoyed being back playing at the gym. We have taken lots of walks and cant wait for the gym to open near our house.

Kents finally got a weekend at home (sort of) its the first friday he hasnt had to go from his job to some kind of sport in weeks, months, in fact apart from while we were away its probably been since before christmas, so it will be nice to have him home this weekend.

My aunts lovely house in England where we stayed :) Very English

Posing in the yard for Nana!

Mum, me and the man of the hour!

My mums dog saffi... also likes having her pic taken!

Of course upon getting home we were confused! We came home to 75 degree gorgeous weather! then the next day, luckily we were all snuggled at home catching up on sleep etc.. we woke up to this..

Hendrix wasnt too sure!

We tried to take him with us in the front yard to make snowmen and hed had had about enough by then!

Although he didnt mind watching from inside.. :)

Since then we have had RAIN alot of it, Tornadoes, almost 90 degrees and sunny.. Spring is where our SEASONS hit.. soon it will just be 100 and HOT every day.. so I am enjoying all the changes! :) yesterday was 80 today is 55 so far! :)

PHew.. ok.. is that good?

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