Sunday, April 20, 2008

Growing fast!

Today is the first of Hendrixs Birthday parties.. I am almost sad, its been a year (almost) and I cant believe it! Hes a little man now, who gets himself around and blabbers on about goodness only knows!

This week we had some fun days some down days and of course some work days.. blah! We had a day out with Mimi and Papaw to pick birthday presents.. that was FUN! We helped grandma get new glasses, everyone appreciated that! LOL

Hendrix with Mimis cup!

We also helped Nana celebrate her birthday! :) It was on Tuesday a brighter side of Tax Day! :)

Hendrix is venturing into new rooms and figuring out how our house works.. he loves the doors and he loves the windows! Maybe hes trying to tell me something?? LOL

I have a feeling I have a picture of me doing this when i was little! I mean he likes TV why wouldnt he like the washing machine! LOL

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