Sunday, April 13, 2008

What have we learned?

In the words of my new favorite comedian! Craig Ferguson, hes a quirky, intoxicated Scottishman on late night TV :) there is something about him I really kind of like! I have started to DVR his show as the time that its on at night I would prefer not to be awake, but sometimes I am, thats how I found him :) Anyway.. at the end of his shows he lays back and asks what did we learn today..

Well what DID we learn this week..

We learned that we LOVE having a few days to ourselves, Hendrix is SO MUCH fun right now, so we love Mondays, we sleep, clean, go for walks! I LOVE it! and sometimes on Wednesdays too.. and we have been treated to some crummy weather, which just makes it easier to stay home and be snuggly!

We also learned that I am much more scared of storms than I thought! :( we got some HORRIBLE weather this week, some of my friends where in the middle of it, while we didnt get much damage there was thunder that made me jump so fast it woke Kent up and grabbed me.. I closed the curtains, checked on the baby over and over, who actually slept through it! we were both online checking various sites! It all turned out it was just rain and some storminess.. and we all went back to sleep.. except for Hendrix, he woke up once it was over! LOL

Hmmm we also learned that I HATE tax time.. well I always have but this year they are seriously well.. this is no place for terms like that!
BUT it has made me glad we arent moving and we took our house off the market! LOL

We learned that Hendrix LOVES to swim! :) He was so cute swimming with his little friend Christopher :)

OOOO and we learned that my new favorite movie is AUGUST RUSH, I kept seeing it while renting movies and it caught my eye, except I thought it was a kids movie, well when the weather got icky I rented it thinking Hendrix and I could watch it! I ended up putting it on on Friday night while Kent was at work, and LOVED it, cried a little, was incredibly inspired, so much so I couldnt take it back the next day.. I have now watched it 3 times in 2 days, and didnt even mind that it skipped in parts and even watched those parts over again :) you know in between cleaning and breakfast etc.. :)

We learned that 3 year old birthday parties just get more and more fun! especially when you get your head stuck in the bouncy castle! :) HA yea didnt know about that one did you :)
You also realise upon compiling the images you have captured of said 3 year old, how much you have been blessed to be a part of his life! :)

And what did Hendrix learn, apart from the real crawling on all fours, and getting really good and pulling up and walking.. oh and learning UP when he wants you to get him, and standing (and somtimes jumping - depending on how pleased he is to see you) that Hendrix LOVES LOVES LOVES Chocolate chip pancakes.. its becomes daddies favorite Sunday morning thing!:)




Oh and the fancy header! Momma learned some new tricks this week :)

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