Monday, February 25, 2008

Going Backwards

Heres some video of on the way here :) it seems I am a little backwards!

This is his little set up on the plane, he had all the stewards charmed!

This was once we got here :) He has really become a ham since hes been here!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

It happened...

I got sick... WEEKS of keeping us all healthy has ended in me with a stinking cold! I was sent to bed today after everyone left :( We cancelled London in favor of staying at dads, also BA helped mess up the reservation :( It was nice for Kent today and go and watch Chelsea play at the local pub, with my sister, her boyfriend and her friend. The baby and I hung out at home and slept :)

I still feel crappy... but I am headed to bed, and hoping for a new me in the morning :)

So lets hope the achey, sore throat and general crappyness goes away in the AM so we can go to Stratford :)

Hendrix is official :)

Heres a few little videos from Hendrixs baptism, it was an amazing day, Dad did an amazing job of welcoming him to his church, as did the people of Deddington. The ceremony, was funny, thoughtful and moving and I am so glad we chose to have Dad be the one to baptise Hendrix. Hendrix enjoyed it mostly, talking and laughing in the middle of any quiet time! LOL

We have a whole video, but for now heres some snippets that I can upload :)

Here he is with his godfather, Patrick.

And one of his very special aunts, Clare!

And then there was cake.. he loved that part!

I am not sure that Deddington will be the same after Hendrix! LOL

Oh and if you can believe it, the sermon from my dad, included Jimi Hendrix, and other musical references! LOL Kents eyes lit up!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Welcome to the World!

ASHER DAVID was born yesterday morning to our friends Kristin and Jesse, I havent gotten there to see him yet.. Kristin had to have surgery and want her to heal a little before we all barge in!

Congratulations guys! we love all these boys! :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pictures and more!

Yet again Hendrix posed for me.. and hes getting really good at it.. hes so smily and happy, hes starting to come out of himself a little and show some true colors, whether its yelling when you walk away and when you go back he laughs at you, or actualy starting to snuggle on you :) I love that part!

Oh and I think this is my favorite birthday pics ever! LOL and um yea I am 24! yay me! LOL