Monday, March 17, 2008

Hes on the move!!!

I was on the phone and in the kitchen, and I hear Hendrix trying to get something, kinda whining, I go in the Living room and I cant see him, Wow that kid really started to scoot!

Apparently not.. just climb...

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hes inside his toy box! Its one of 2 Ottomans we have.. and I leave the top open so he can get what he wants.. apparently hes learnt more than pulling up! LOL

Monday, March 10, 2008

we are a tad behind!

Most of the time I guess I feel that people expect picture or video or something when I post, therefore I dont post if I dont have those things (we all know I ALWAYS have those things, but they may not be on the computer I am on :)

So Whats going on? We are back, safe and sound, it was a long flight back, just as we sat down in our section of three seats (which we enjoyed all to ourselves on the way over) someone sat next to Kent with a very wriggly child (I am assuming about 15 months maybe!) anyway when she was asleep she was great, when she was awake she was kicking Kent, pulling the hair on his arms, poking his TV screen, or just kicking it so it would slam down on his leg! OUCH! I have to say I have great admiration for him sitting there for 10 hours keeping his cool! YES 10 hours! going over is 8, but no as soon as they sat down and we are thinking " How will Hendrix do?" the captain announces the flight time is just over 10 hours today.. UGH What kind of flight path is that!!!!

Hendrix was awake the whole flight except for 2 short naps, but when he was awake he was great! chatting and laughing! The crash came just after we got back and April got us back safely to our car :) He fell asleep, we picked the dogs up an he then proceeded to stare at the dogs and SCREAM at the top of his lungs (for about 5 seconds) then he would stop and look at them.. then do it again! LOL

Anyway we got him fed and bathed and it was actually his regular bedtime! Now anyone that knows my kid knows he LOVES his sleep! At this point he was working on being awake from 7am to 1am UK time! He went to bed, woke up at 3am and had a bottle and then went back to sleep til 7.. that was it.. jetlag over! He was really a great traveller, doing basically the same thing going over! We were lucky this time.. we will see next time, whenever that maybe! LOL

Since we got home we relaxed, enjoyed some snow.. yup those pics are still on my camera, and relaxed some more.. we had a wonderful trip! But we are glad to all be home in our own beds :)

Heres a few of my fav pics from England.. that ARE on my computer! :)

Hendrix and Grandpa! Its almost like the first pic I have of them!

With Auntie Katie :)

With Nana Dane

Mum and her Uber Kite!

With Great Granny Dane

and finally YAY Amsterdam!

There are LOTS more.. and I will find a way to get them on here soon :)