Saturday, November 26, 2005

Meet our new addition

When we got a house it was always on our minds to get another dog. Kent wanted a Doberman and I was all for it, then while looking on Petfinder one night, i came across "Orville". I later found out that he was rescued from a Kill shelter in Dallas on the day that he was to be put to sleep along with his brother Wilbur, he was rescued at 6 weeks and 3.5 pounds. He was taken in by an adoption organisation in Dallas called CAN "Companion Animal Network" so after a few cute pictures Kent gave in and said lets give it a go.. I filled out the application and after a few days we got a response saying we good candidates for this puppy. On Thanksgiving day we met "Orville" at 13 pounds he was healthy and ready to play, he and Hunter got on better than we could have expect. Hunter is still not too keen to share chewies but as long as we have 2 ready he is fine!

Its been only a day and I found the 2 of them snuggled today! Its so cute.. i cant explain it!

So heres to the newly named "Cash"!

Finally a family of 4! the Scotts are VERY happy to have him! (Even Hunter!)

Happy Thanksgiving!