Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekend Wrap UP

Courtesy of Charlottes Blog.. just so that people get off my back about blogging :)

Worst part of the weekend: Wedding far far away, and this PG chick apparently has a new fear of driving to far places.. it was actually a super fun wedding and I had lots of fun photographing those jokesters!

Best part of the weekend: That it lasted til yesterday :) with my schedule I dont get a weekend persay, I get MAYBE a Sunday and a Monday.. and of course kent is back at work on Monday, well this week he took off until yesterday, so we had a quiet day Monday swimming and then grilling with friends.. and then Tuesday the Zoo.. and yesterday our 20 week sonogram, and Kent got to see Star Trek.. It was nice to spend so much time together.. even if i am pregnant, tired and moody..I am sure Kent loved every minute!

Most random part of the weekend: an impromttu visit from great friends for some GOOD food!

People I saw this weekend: My kiddie and my hubby, Kristy, Aaron and their little one, Jenny and Jilly went swimming with us.. and oh.. do i count the 200 people at the wedding?

Something I wished I did this weekend that I didn't get around to doing: Everything else on my to do list.. but i was determined to take time off damn it!

Things that I am looking forward to this week: It was my Drs appt, sort of.. always nice to see Captain Beefheart, but i hate the scary sonos.. where they may tell me something is wrong :( but it was all good!

Things that I am not looking forward to this week: trying to catch up with work.. its a spinning circle I tell you!!! and another full weekend.. Kent needs some more time off, so i get to see him! LOL

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

I love Mothers Day, dont get me wrong I am pretty well spoiled most of the year, but Mothers Day is a day I let myself sit down a little longer, sleep a little longer or just take a break from work.. because... well i deserve it! :) 

We had a great day, starting with laying in bed wondering exactly HOW late H was going to sleep.. 9.. 9.30... 10.. finally after getting up to make coffee, watching some news, a sleepy eyed H arrived with a handful of cards and a little bag for mamma :) as he walked in he was reciting.. "present for mamma" and trying hard to say Happy Mothers day.. I got the idea and it was too cute! 

We had a little breakfast and cleaned up and headed out to Mimis for lunch. There was a rowdy bunch there, but H loved it.. gave out his gifts for Mimi and Nana.. and settled in to playing cars with pappaw. 

After Lunch Kent and I headed to the outlet mall :) that was my idea.. :) we managed to get around the whole thing in 2 hours and didnt spend toooooo much money, although Kent helped me go over my budget.. and some how I only came home with 2 shirts and a pair of shoes.. everyone else did so much better! oh well.. Im a little harder to dress right now! 

We headed home about 7 and Kent started on some laundry and vacuuming :) this I was very thankful for! :) 

All in all I had a great day, nice and relaxing and I certainly felt appreciated :) Now its back to the real world.. although thats not too bad either :) 

Friday, May 08, 2009

Just in case..

You dont go to the other side.. (ie my photo blog!) 

    They're here!!!! 
Finally I figured out the glitches.. and we have some sparkly spangly new awesome charm pendants! 
There are also bracelets, keychains, small charms.. allll kinds!!! and completely personalized, you can use one of your wonderful images from us, or you can use one of your own. 
Visit the Etsy store to place an order or just email me :) 

Big Brother in training...

So I always think April has SOOOO much to write about and that I guess I just keep all the cute things Hendrix does to myself.. but this was TOOO cute! 

I am cleaning up in the kitchen and Hendrix comes in.. ( I will write like April does for the Comedy effect)

Hendrix: Momma, hold hand, momma say, where we going
Momma: where we going
Hendrix: Momma walk
*arrive at his bedroom
Hendrix: Momma SIT
*momma sits
Hendrix: Momma Baby....
*he brings me his little baby, 
Hendrix: Momma Bear
*Do you see how he starts his sentences.. hes become rather bossy! 

He proceeds to bring me his stuffed toys.. he gets a bit stuck on his bunny because it doesnt look like the others.. but when i tell him bunny hes pretty excited to learn its a bunny! 

He then decides to put them to bed.. 

Hendrix: Momma Bear lay down
Momma: Is it naptime? 
Hendrix: Yesshh

he puts all his toys to bed on his pillow then looks at the baby again.. 

Hendrix: Momma Baby poppi (what he calls his paci)

we have recently started having conversations about our paci, and that Poppis are for BABYS! He will tell you too.. you should have seen the lightbulb go off.. 

* He gets the poppi and trys so hard to get it in the babies mouth and finally decides ..OH LOOK it fits perfect in mine.. 

at this point I have taken a few pictures and i am posting them.. i walk back around.. and hes climbed in with all of them under the blankets with his poppi.. 

Hendrix: Shhh Momma.. SHLEeeeepin.. 

I think hes going to be a great Big brother! :) 

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Swine Flu???

Is this what it looks like!?

Nah he just had a fever from teeth.. but man he looked so darn pitiful that you would have thought so! (gets that from daddy!)

Right after his birthday he has had a fever, and some crud, I believe it to be Allergies :( I know i have it, with some crazy headaches :(

This has led to some more two year old like behavior, tantrums and short temper I am of the hope that its all sick related.. but heres hoping that he feels better soon and gets himself back. He slept almost 13 hours last night so maybe he has kicked it :)

Mommies Baby...

As of yesterday and I am 17 weeks.. signs of a bump and some possible movement is being felt, but Hendrixs favorite part is the Doppler. I will ask him do you want to go hear the baby, and he will nod, say "mamma hand" and take me to the bedroom, we jump up on the bed and hear the baby, he now kisses my belly and says "Hi baby brudder!" its the cutest damn thing! Anyway, I have caught him several times trying to find his baby! I will have to get my actual camera out soon and catch him doing this! this was on my phone.. but too cute not to share!

Birthday Pictures :)

Hendrix has a great time on his birthday, here are a few of his favorite parts!

For his Birthday gift from us he got this pretty cool bike, with a screen, noises and buttons.. oh how he loves buttons! :)

We did 2 cakes for his birthday, one for his party and another for family which he shared with Cousin MK:) he now brings me the motorcycle and says "Happy Birdy" LOL

For his Birthday we played in Auntie Ls backyard~ Its his favorite place to be I think.. aside from Mummies bed watching Elmo! LOl He had a blast and had dirt in all kinds of places to prove it!