Friday, May 08, 2009

Big Brother in training...

So I always think April has SOOOO much to write about and that I guess I just keep all the cute things Hendrix does to myself.. but this was TOOO cute! 

I am cleaning up in the kitchen and Hendrix comes in.. ( I will write like April does for the Comedy effect)

Hendrix: Momma, hold hand, momma say, where we going
Momma: where we going
Hendrix: Momma walk
*arrive at his bedroom
Hendrix: Momma SIT
*momma sits
Hendrix: Momma Baby....
*he brings me his little baby, 
Hendrix: Momma Bear
*Do you see how he starts his sentences.. hes become rather bossy! 

He proceeds to bring me his stuffed toys.. he gets a bit stuck on his bunny because it doesnt look like the others.. but when i tell him bunny hes pretty excited to learn its a bunny! 

He then decides to put them to bed.. 

Hendrix: Momma Bear lay down
Momma: Is it naptime? 
Hendrix: Yesshh

he puts all his toys to bed on his pillow then looks at the baby again.. 

Hendrix: Momma Baby poppi (what he calls his paci)

we have recently started having conversations about our paci, and that Poppis are for BABYS! He will tell you too.. you should have seen the lightbulb go off.. 

* He gets the poppi and trys so hard to get it in the babies mouth and finally decides ..OH LOOK it fits perfect in mine.. 

at this point I have taken a few pictures and i am posting them.. i walk back around.. and hes climbed in with all of them under the blankets with his poppi.. 

Hendrix: Shhh Momma.. SHLEeeeepin.. 

I think hes going to be a great Big brother! :) 

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Andrew & Krysie said...

This story was SO cute! :) Thanks for sharing. Hendrix is ADORABLE! I need to meet him in person, seriously. I think we could be the bestest friends. Haha!