Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

I love Mothers Day, dont get me wrong I am pretty well spoiled most of the year, but Mothers Day is a day I let myself sit down a little longer, sleep a little longer or just take a break from work.. because... well i deserve it! :) 

We had a great day, starting with laying in bed wondering exactly HOW late H was going to sleep.. 9.. 9.30... 10.. finally after getting up to make coffee, watching some news, a sleepy eyed H arrived with a handful of cards and a little bag for mamma :) as he walked in he was reciting.. "present for mamma" and trying hard to say Happy Mothers day.. I got the idea and it was too cute! 

We had a little breakfast and cleaned up and headed out to Mimis for lunch. There was a rowdy bunch there, but H loved it.. gave out his gifts for Mimi and Nana.. and settled in to playing cars with pappaw. 

After Lunch Kent and I headed to the outlet mall :) that was my idea.. :) we managed to get around the whole thing in 2 hours and didnt spend toooooo much money, although Kent helped me go over my budget.. and some how I only came home with 2 shirts and a pair of shoes.. everyone else did so much better! oh well.. Im a little harder to dress right now! 

We headed home about 7 and Kent started on some laundry and vacuuming :) this I was very thankful for! :) 

All in all I had a great day, nice and relaxing and I certainly felt appreciated :) Now its back to the real world.. although thats not too bad either :) 

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Andrew & Krysie said...

Aww...glad to hear it! :) You deserve it. XOX