Sunday, December 24, 2006


Christmas 2006

It feels like our christmas has lasted forever, we got a great English Christmas which I hope we get to do many more years, much to those that cooked it's dismay! :) And almost every day of christmas I just sit and think how next year will be so different, this time next year our little guy will be crawling (as far as his grandma is concerned) getting into presents, playing with paper and boxes, smiling ( I am sure there will be crying also-im not completely disallusioned :) ) I just cant wait to love Christmas more than I do already.

We have had a fun few days of shopping, spending time together, eating :) I really have enjoyed this holiday with my little belly... :) and with the excitement surrounding us for this year and next.

Yet again we have had a truly wonderful year! They just keep getting better and I cant wait to see how much next year is going to change our lives :) here's hoping for the better! :)

Happy Birthday DAD! :)

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well after a long day of getting ready to do OUR Christmas Eve, which was wonderful, lots of family, and we also got a visit from Jenny, Jillian and Tom :)

I decided that it was time to bake the cookies I wanted to make all week.. not that they are good or I needed them, but just a need to bake.. the first batch just came out and I am not sure how good they will be ! : (

Anyway Pregnant and Baking.. I didnt realise til halfway through that something was in the way :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

21 weeks!

So 19 weeks til the big day...or as April said.. 17 weeks for an optimist and 21 weeks for an pessimist! LOL I do hope this baby is an optimist!

At my visit yesterday I gained 2.5 pounds in the last 4 weeks, which was pretty good for going to England... and starting on all the christmas food. My total is now 5 pounds since I got PG, which I am happy with! :) My Dr said that between the tests they did and the level 2 sonogram it looks as though this is one healthy, happy baby! I am so lucky and just cant wait to meet him.

His measurements from the sonogram have him weighing about one pound, his Femur is about 2 inches, the part that surprised me was that his head is about 9 inches around, thats abou the size of a peach maybe, his abdomen is also about the same around.. it just seems strange that I cant feel huge lumps in there.. LOL I am still feeling swishes and turns and some pushing but no kicks yet! :( I am sure it will come soon enough..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Baths in the morning! :)

So I got up.. late, ate breakfast.. had some fruit.. and walked the dogs! Then after getting just a little wet came home and took a nice bath!

Bubble baths in the morning are so nice! :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Swwet Baby Mason!

Presenting Baby Mason!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hiccuping Baby!!!

We went for our 20 week sonogram today.. and we had the chance to get the DVD, while there was a lot of stuff on the DVD this was the best part! :)

They didnt just show him for very long but when they did he had hiccups, he did a little dance at another spot too.. and is VERY active! LOL

He is measuring just fine approx 4 days ahead :) so we may see him in April :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lewes Castle

Dont we look spooky.. its good you cant see me though.. i looked crap that day and it was raining! :)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Family!

Well I got what I came for.. :) On Friday I was surrounded by 23 of my family! :) I have waited a long time to see everyone and do christmas like we always used to when I was younger. And to have Kent there and Hendrix (kind of) was great! We had an amazing dinner and then took pictures for what seemed like forever! So here are a few...

The ONLY down side is that I got whatever Kent got right after this and it prevented us from visiting my dads new church and house. But man that bug was pretty bad! It hit me hard.. but I was over it by today and we were able to enjoy the sights of London! We had so much fun and took lots of pictures.. I will add the link to these later.. We also took some shots of London which I have decided will match Hendrix's new room, along with his new Paddington :)

I will post more later.. just wanted to get some pictures up :)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Yay England!

Its finally rainy and gloomy just want Kent wanted.. and hes getting the blame for it here too!

We have had a good time, except for the time change, it took us til last night to be able to sleep through the night, and Kent was a little sick, but now we seem to be on track :)

I am also patiently sitting here waiting for news on April, at the last call she was pushing.. actually Gavin said WE were pushing.. how cute! LOL I do hope they are all OK and I cant help but wish I was there.. I cant believe after all this time I can get homesick for America... :(

I cant wait to see pictures of little Mason though! :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Baby Hendrix? is just fine!

Still getting used to Hendrix.. we will see!!

Anyway we went for a check up today and he is just fine! he was VERY active and moved the whole time.. in fact he started like this..

And ended up like this...

What a GREAT Profile!!! Thanks Dr Ben!

Dr Ben said he has great lips.. LOL not sure how you can tell that.. and a cute nose. He also double checked he was still a boy.. and he is.. the shot looked the same as the other except his legs are fatter!

We also got the obligatory Alien shot!

My Dr also said that I had only gained a pound and my uterus was almost at my belly button! :)

He also said that Dex (trying to get used to the names!) is measuring a week ahead still. But all looks perfect and ready for a trip to England. Our next appt is the 18th, to get a closer look at him and make sure he really is perfect! My Dr was very happy with my test results and said she had never seen a false negative and so doesnt expect anything to come back from the level 2! So fingers crossed!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Brand New Bedroom!!

Kent and his Dad worked VERY hard today!! and sustained a few injuries! But the end result is GORGEOUS! I have waited so long to have hardwood floors, and we started in our bedroom as the carpet was a little misused by the puppies in there!

Next is the living room and hallways!! :) I think we need to wait a while for that though.. :)

At 10 am I left for work and it was prepped and ready and at 7pm the last piece went in, we then put the base boards back on a caulked.. I am apparently very good at caulking! :) Cleaned the floor made the bed.. and VOILA! I cant wait to get to bed tonight :)

It feels so clean in there.. I love it!

This is the corner that the baby chair and playpen will be in.. our room is so big.. we have no idea what to put in it!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well this year is obviously special! :) and next year will be very different for us! its almost scary!!!!

We did get the results of our Quad testing back, which tests for Down Syndrome and Spina Bifide, and some other neural defects, it was nerve wracking to wait and they do have a high false positive! But my lovely nurse called me on Tuesday to tell me that all is well and my blood work was perfect!!! :)

So it seems that we have one healthy baby boy! Hes also making me gain some weight now and look a little more pregnant too.. I will post a new pic soon.

We are about to go enjoy our Thanksgiving day! Lots of Turkey and pies! YUM! I just hope I have enough room...

17 weeks on Saturday WOW!

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Verdict is in....

Its a BOY!

So we went today for a routine sonogram after the spotting last week, and I had been told we MAY be able to find out what it was today! Well the sonographer looked and said.. hmm maybe we can... we will see... at first glance he said.. if i had to guess I would say boy.... then he got another shot and said.. yup 90% its a boy... then on the last shot... which is seen here! He said.. YUP 99% sure its a boy, and a proud one!!! Hes showing off!!! LOL Like father like son I guess!

Now comes the room and all that fun stuff!! I just hope it doesnt change its mind!!!! LOL

Friday, October 27, 2006

Dont Panic!!

So this morning, I had an unplanned visit to my Dr, last night at about 9 i started bleeding, and the kind of blood that apparently you should never bleed! RED. Well i called the Dr last night and she wasnt too concerned as i had no pain, which made me feel better. So I went in this morning and she said it was my cervix but not the inside where the baby is. SO the heartbeat was great, she stopped the bleeding and set me to bed for 3 days. Which isnt a bad thing, just costs me money! grrrrr.. oh well I guess its time to snuggle with puppies and take naps! :)

I will now have a sonogram at 14 weeks though. So fingers crossed that all is well on Nov 6th :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Aprils Baby Shower!

Sunday Oct 22nd was Aprils Baby Shower..

There was MUCH food! even afterwards! I think we are all still eating fruit salad and my stupid pineapple and cheese! although some surprised themselves and liked it! :) Thank You !

I think April made out like a bandit! and probably doesnt have much left that she needs at this point! Thanks to everyone! Hosting baby showers is fun but man they wear you out!! :)

Lone Star Assasins!

Well Roller Derby is over and MIA HAMMER aka Kristy! and the Lone Star Assasins won the GOLDEN WHEEL!! :) I cant believe we have to wait til April to see more! Oh well..

I do believe someone was getting proposed to in this pic also :)


Amy came to visit to take the puppies out for the morning!

They had a blast, they were exhausted! and we won Daddy a Dallas Stars Pennant with the captains signature on it!

Lol Dont they look happy! :)

New Belly Pic.. WHOA!

So here I am thinking nothings changing and then I think hmmm I'll take another belly pic, 12 weeks is a big one right! OMG I guess something is popping! Oh well here we go!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not much is new!

Starting, used very mildly to feel better! some days are better than others...and then I throw up! LOL

I have been listening to baby Scott alot and it sounds like its doing just fine in there, its all very girgly and gloopy! and of course the heartbeat still as strong as ever! :)

I will be out of my First Trimester on Saturday.. although I figured it would end at the end of the twelth week, this is all too complicated!!! I dont really care as long as I feel better!

Next appointment is Nov 6th.. I wonder if we will see the baby bean again! :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Belly pic!

LIke you didnt see enough of this in that wonderful video!

I decided to take an official belly pic!

10W3D (1 pound gained)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Good strong heartbeat!!!

It was so awesome to hear the heartbeat ( you can see by the smile on my face) Kent was there today too to hear it and it was soo cool! its in the mid 160s (from what we saw on the monitor) and beating strong.. it took NO time to find it!

I am so glad we got some video although I could have gone without seeing me!!! Dont I look GLOWING! LOL when does that happen again?, I am ready for the pimples and nasty hair to go AWAY!!! I was however pleased to learn I had only gained 1 pound in 10 Weeks! :)



It seems if we move Hunters bed around he doesnt mind, he stays asleep in the spot where it once was.. Cash on the other hand, will follow the bed and get on it.. no matter where it is!! LOL He seems to be a bit of a camera hog too!

Uncle Kracker! :)

Awwww our first concert.. and they played our song!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week 10!!

So I am a quarter of the way through this magical.. uh hum.. journey! We go to hear the heartbeat on Monday and then I think it will all be real! But I say that about each appointment.. Heres what it says is going on in there at week 10..

"I'm Swimming! The baby has begun moving inside the womb although it's too small for mom to notice. Most of the joints are formed now - elbow, wrist, knee, shoulder, and ankle as well as the hands, fingers, feet and toes."

OH MY GOD! I know! its scary, I also read its a fetus now and not an embryo but there was some confusion on that so who knows! oh and its getting ready to have its first poo! GREAT!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hmmm no pics..

I always wait til I have a pic to post anything and while one is sitting on my camera.. I cant be bothered to get up and get it, so I thought I would write an update with no pictures... *gasp*

All has been well I have actually felt better, hmm watch I will wake up sick as a dog tomorrow morning.. anyway.. I like it better when I am sick though as then I know that all is well, I just have to learn that you dont have to have your head down the toilet to feel like there is a baby in there.

On Monday we will go to hear the heartbeat and hopefully we WILL hear it! I am hoping to record it in some way.

While in other news, I announced my baby contest and have had a great response.. I cant wait to see all those little babies! And also to figure out who will win it! :) I have some great people lined up to judge it :) Wait thats baby related too.. hmm what else is there! OH a trip to England.. hopefully in December, I cant wait to make this an annual trip so that we can have christmas there every year! and get to see Panto!! and it will be cold which is a nice change to Texas. I will be so excited it if turns out..

Well thats enough just filling up the page.. blah blah blah...

I will post again with a picture.. i know it makes it more interesting!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Updated with sonogram!

Here it is! Its grown ALOT and has a head and little arm and leg buds.. although kent says it looks a little like a scorpion!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All is well.. YAY

So finally my mind is at ease, at least a little more at ease! We had our second sonogram on Monday and everything looked great! My Dr said I have one happy baby in there! I havent gotten a pic of the sonogram yet.. as I am feeling pretty lazy right now! but I will.. and then I will post it!

Thanks for all your good wishes! now I just have the next 31 weeks to get through safely.. oh god I worry too much!!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Lil Baby Scott!!!!

Here is baby Scott's camera debut! stunning. I saw a good heartbeat.. and could totally make out what it was .. I didnt feel like Jennifer Anniston in Friends at all!

The only thing we are watching is that there seemed to be a friend in there.. or at least the makings of a twin.. but its just a sac there is nothing in there! I was happy to see one good heart and little buddy.. they did say it could also be a blood clot of somekind.. so we go back in 2 weeks for another photo shoot! :)

Officially 6 weeks and 2 days.. due on May 5th 2007!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well its seems we may have...

Bought a gift home from Knoxville... no not Krystal Burgers or even the snazzy sweatshirt I got at the airport! but a little peanut~

Not saying too much right now.. but I may have more news next week.. thats all I am sayin!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Knoxville... and THE airport!!!!!

So we went to knoxville this weekend to help and attend at Kents cousins wedding. While it was great to meet everyone... it was a little overwhelming, I couldnt tell you who belonged to whom now or where they live etc... theres alot of them!!!!! see pic!

Apart from that Carrie looked beautiful and Adam looked very in love.. it was a beautiful day, and I have pictures of it all! I will get them online today!

THEN came the journey home! Firstly we get to the hotel at about 12 and I am exhausted! the lady at the desk starts with me, and I get in trouble with Kent for talking back to her! UGH then 4 hours later we leave the hotel to go to the airport.. for our 6.07am flight home. Hmmmm AM you say! RIGHT.... we finally boarded our newly repaired (kind of) plane at 5pm for the ride home.. after a day of aggitated agents, grumpy Flight attendants... and screaming customers.. we got home at 7.30pm with both puppies and it felt great!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tug O War - Doggy style!

LOL well after a hard few days, I got home last night and Kent had purchased a brand new rope for the puppies! so at 1am (because i just havent taken enough pictures in the past 4 days!) there I was with my camera to document what is Tug O War in our house!!!
Hunter had posession most of the time! Cash was too interested in taking pictures! So every time I got to him he just looked at me.

Finally though he did get a hold of it, and man those boys can tug!!!
You can actually almost lift Hunter off the floor with it if you try hard enough!

I cant believe our house was this active at 1.30am!!!

Hunter wont even let ME have it!!! LOL What a multi tasker I am!!

Finally play time was over (although I was still holding the rope!) and it was cute picture time, black dogs suck to take pics off, but this is probably the most accurate of my dogs! all nose and tongue! LOL Cash actually looks like he stole someones tongue and put it in his mouth!! LOL

Its all fun and games here!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Am I still here??

This weekend is going to be a whirlwind! Then even after that it wont stop til Aug 20th.. Its nice having a new job and I really enjoy it there! but I think i picked the wrong month to get a job!! I barely knew what day it was all week..

Anyway today is a wedding, tomorrow a wedding and then on Sunday shoots ALL day!

Although all that being said! Its great to be busy and feel like a real photographer! LOL :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

My new job!

Well i started my new job this week and I really like it! Its laid back, friendly and I seem to be picking things up fast! :) Being around all the cute little baby things is great, and tough at the same time, but once I get pregnant this place is going to be a BAD place! LOL I could already spend a fortune in there, although i would have ALOT of stuff if I spent a fortune! LOL

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fun Day at 6 Flags!

I convinced Kent to go to Six Flags on Sunday, in fact it didnt take much convincing although he did have to convince me to get on the rollercoasters, I am not sure when I became such a wuss!! We went late and had fun on the coasters, with Turkey Legs ALOT of refills! and it turned out to be VERY cool and the evening was great!! A day spending far too much money (which i have a hard time doing on things where you dont get something for it) but at the end of it all the best way to look at it is that we made memories.. something we really need to do more of! :)

Friday, July 21, 2006


Heres a little video from my little camera of the kids splashing! ignore my annoying voice!!!

A day at the pool!

So I joined Mimi, Noah and Macie for some swimmin in this 106 degree heat the other day! It was so refreshing! and Noah certainly has some good kicks! Hes going to be a swimmer! Macie just chilled out and caught the rays!

Noah also would not let me have my shades! They did look very cute on him! :) I have to say!

Fun by all!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hmmm Oh good.. ONLY 106 today!

man WHY do people move to Texas again! I swear... this is probably the worst summer since I have lived in Texas. 109 yesterday afternoon, and here i am wondering why our AC wont keep up!
Its really miserable!

A Quiet Tuesday night!


firstly I thought we had a problem with our AC but it seems it was just working overtime after the temps up here hitting 109! But I was in the kitchen and I heard this huge THUD! Something had hit the house on the outside, so I look out of the window and don't see anything and call Kent. We got outside and we see these 2 kids looking at the house and running. I turn around to make sure there's no damage and the corner of our window is broken, the seal is all messed up and stuff. I looked around and found a rock of cement which is obviously what they had thrown.

So Kent jumps in his car and takes off, cause we saw which way he went, he found them and they admitted to everything, he got the kids cell phone number(after 3 attempts, and it was right) and his address, when he drove past he said that it was very dark. So he came home and we called the police so that it could be documented and we could get it paid for.

2 seconds after the cops left to go to their house and just let them know they would be paying for it, the kids(who was maybe 13) his older brother and his mum show up, she spoke NO English and so the brother did all the talking, and he said he gets paid on Fridays and so he would pay for it. We told them that we contacted the police as we wanted to make sure it was documented bla bla bla, so there we are thinkin well they came to us, so no one would have been home when the police went to their house, and so when he shows back up and he said that the father was home when he went there, and he didn't seem that mad at all, just said it would be taken care of. I just feel so bad for the kid, he came and was apologizing so much, and Kent actually shook his hand when they left and said that he was a stand up kid for admitting it and to just not do it again.

HA and its just Tuesday!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday Blues

So I hate these days, the ones where I am just blue cause... i have so much to look forward to, but I am just sick of waiting to be pregnant. I guess once a month I get this way, when I am sure it hasnt worked or that it will never happen! I just want to be a mommy...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fun Photo shoot!

After Shooting for everyone else I got a chance! I got some makr up on some hair teased.. and created a nice picture for my website!

See more at

Friday, July 14, 2006

Its Friday!

You would think that it wouldnt matter now right, being as I dont really work all week! RIGHT!

Well for some reason I am excited today! I have a shoot with 4 girls this evening all have had a tough year so its my gift to them, we are going to make them all purty, like they need it! PAH, and then take some cute pics and then HIT the town in all of our glory!

Hmm what pics do i have to show you today! Let me see! Awww Hows that one! :) Fort Worth Zoo for our anniversary.. fitting dont you think!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

so its been a while...

Ahhh sounds like a song..

So heres a pic incase you forget what we look like! :)

So i am sure no one has anything to do with my blog now cause i have left it so long!

Well apart from being thrown full force into photography, I am keeping house nicely... or trying, cooking meals for my dear husband.. or at least trying.. and being there for my demanding dogs.. LOL

April and Jenny are getting very pregnant.. Jenny is having a girl, Jillian Reece and April is having a boy Mason James its all very exciting. only 4 months to go! :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Well It seems that I am a little behind.. I do have someNYE pictures.,. but nowhere near me now.. So I just wanted to stop by and say Hi. and leave you witha pretty picture!

All is well in the Scott household, some more painting, more decorating, Kent turned 30 and this weekend brings my last year of being twenty! NOT FUN!