Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Family!

Well I got what I came for.. :) On Friday I was surrounded by 23 of my family! :) I have waited a long time to see everyone and do christmas like we always used to when I was younger. And to have Kent there and Hendrix (kind of) was great! We had an amazing dinner and then took pictures for what seemed like forever! So here are a few...

The ONLY down side is that I got whatever Kent got right after this and it prevented us from visiting my dads new church and house. But man that bug was pretty bad! It hit me hard.. but I was over it by today and we were able to enjoy the sights of London! We had so much fun and took lots of pictures.. I will add the link to these later.. We also took some shots of London which I have decided will match Hendrix's new room, along with his new Paddington :)

I will post more later.. just wanted to get some pictures up :)

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