Sunday, December 24, 2006


Christmas 2006

It feels like our christmas has lasted forever, we got a great English Christmas which I hope we get to do many more years, much to those that cooked it's dismay! :) And almost every day of christmas I just sit and think how next year will be so different, this time next year our little guy will be crawling (as far as his grandma is concerned) getting into presents, playing with paper and boxes, smiling ( I am sure there will be crying also-im not completely disallusioned :) ) I just cant wait to love Christmas more than I do already.

We have had a fun few days of shopping, spending time together, eating :) I really have enjoyed this holiday with my little belly... :) and with the excitement surrounding us for this year and next.

Yet again we have had a truly wonderful year! They just keep getting better and I cant wait to see how much next year is going to change our lives :) here's hoping for the better! :)

Happy Birthday DAD! :)