Saturday, December 23, 2006

21 weeks!

So 19 weeks til the big day...or as April said.. 17 weeks for an optimist and 21 weeks for an pessimist! LOL I do hope this baby is an optimist!

At my visit yesterday I gained 2.5 pounds in the last 4 weeks, which was pretty good for going to England... and starting on all the christmas food. My total is now 5 pounds since I got PG, which I am happy with! :) My Dr said that between the tests they did and the level 2 sonogram it looks as though this is one healthy, happy baby! I am so lucky and just cant wait to meet him.

His measurements from the sonogram have him weighing about one pound, his Femur is about 2 inches, the part that surprised me was that his head is about 9 inches around, thats abou the size of a peach maybe, his abdomen is also about the same around.. it just seems strange that I cant feel huge lumps in there.. LOL I am still feeling swishes and turns and some pushing but no kicks yet! :( I am sure it will come soon enough..