Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cute pictures

We had an impromptu shoot yesterday I needed some easter pics for an ad... Hendrix was so cute.. and tolerant of me! he actually would only respond though when i said.. PAPAW.. or Wheres PAPAW.. and then he laughed!

Hes a great poser and succh a cutie!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy... I got some teeth!

A christmas pic of Hendrix and I..I got in one so those that havent see could see my hair.. not that you can see it too well here :) But I like it and its super easy to do! :)

Hendrix is such a smiley happy well mannered baby, so its very hard right now to watch him and this teething :*( it seems he may be trying to get all 4 of his front teeth at once. Last night he woke up screaming before we went to bed, and we gave him some tylenol, then I said.. shall I get some orajel! Kent quickly replied yes and I jumped in the car! I got back gave him some comforted him put him back to bed and he went straight back to sleep.. As I came back out Kent said "wow thats what its really like to have a baby, that was a rough 20 mins!" LOL I had to laugh, as the little guy slept all night and woke up today with what seems like a little nubby in his mouth! we may have a first tooth! its so swollen you cant see it though.

So now we got to bed wondering if maybe tonight we will be woken up!

yesterday was daddies birthday :) He has had a very long week! and made it home in time to open presents with Hendrix last night :) and then have a steak with mommy :)

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This is my new fav pic of Hendrix and Daddy from Christmas!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Some new pics!

This is Hendrix in his new soft car.. he kind of likes it.. but ends up laying down.. you can only get these at FAO Schwartz... (or cutie patootie! - our fav resale store!)

This was Hendrix helping me drop off our angel gifts at christmas time.. our angel was a 5 year old boy and Kent had lots of fun buying for him!

This was from our shoot trying to get our christening invitation picture. Who knew the bath tub was such a great backdrop!