Thursday, December 11, 2008

Its been a month!!!

Wow who knew! I have been so busy that I havent had any time to update the blog :( I dont know that I have done much of anything aside look at picture after picture and then.. OH take some more! LOL We have been very blessed this year.. and I have been kept VERY busy!

So work... bla bla bla... no one wants to hear about that! The weather for those in England... we had a few and I stress... few!! flakes of snow fall somewhere in the DFW area last night! Its actually pretty chilly here, it was 43 ish today and it will be 28 again tonight, feels like home!

So Hendrix :) is that what everyone wants to hear about! as always..
I keep getting told hes getting bigger... and I am starting to feel it. Hes completely upright, walking all over.. but sometimes sideways, still thats ok as long as no walls are in the way!
Hes talking up a storm, he knows his colors and its the cutest thing ever, I love hearing.. YERRO, PUUUUUURPLE (i think thats his favorite! =) red, green and blue are all coming out close to normal. He will also come and get you at different points in the day and tell you "Hunry" telling you hes hungry :) "Go Car" is a popular one.. being as it involves leaving and a car! Christmas is already going to be a shower of cars!

His big thing though is we have put up his new car bed, and now he gets a choice.. baby bed or big boy bed, well hes been opting for the big boy bed..and doing very well! He has now slept in there for a nap yesterday, last night, a nap today and is currently in there now... although he just woke up a little while ago.. so i need to go check if hes actually still there. So we may have a cribless baby, Daddy keeps putting off taking it down, I think he is going to miss the baby :(

Theres also alot of big things going on that we need prayers for, people getting laid off, Little MK had her surgery yesterday so we are ready for her to make a swift recovery and get home :( We will all have a thankful christmas!

Now for me to see if I have any pics to share with you...

Oh yea the boy LOVES Elmo.. all we hear is.. ElllMOO and the christmas light is our new mantle pic of him for christmas! :) 

thats all I have right now! 


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Trains!!!

SO here we are! weeks with no updates on Hendrix and what it is he does! well hes walking a little better.. but when he goes down he cant quite figure out how you get back up, apart from.. momma up! LOL

Hes a huge chatterbox.. yea I know, where does he get that from! :) he will sit and talk to you with hand gestures and everything.. he loves to try to count.. he holds his fingers up as he counts too! hes dancing, climbing all kinds! I cant believe hes growing so fast! :(

We were going to try to get some (more) pumpkin pics today and i didnt realize those places didnt open so early.. so we hijacked a little and then I felt bad so we moved on.. and went to Frisco where we found this great train! I may be revisiting the train soon! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Hendrix Pics..

Hes been busy this week with pictures :) and next week is school picture day :)

Wheres Nana???  

With mama

Snuggling with Nana

Obligatory reaching for the door shot :) 

Posing before splashing!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pumpkin Pictures!

We got some new pics up from the Aroboretum! :) it was only yesterday, i am doing better! anyway I need to print a large one and these are 2 of my favs so let me know which you like :) 

Friday, September 05, 2008

Some pics from my Camera while I have it plugged in :)

Awwww Papaw!

MK being hip like Kent..


Whatcha saying Unc?

Extreme Close UP!

tooo cute not to share!

This is his new thing.. getting in the shower.. running or not, whether you are there or not! oh and the "Nose" thing that was all Auntie LK :)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Poor baby :(

Well this was apparently a rough week for the Scotts:( I had something on Weds night/ Thursday not sure what, I thought it was food poisoning, but I wasnt so sure but then Friday night I get a text from DH, "dont feel good going to bed" i guess he got it too.. then last night, the worst of them all, my baby had his first BIG fever.. almost 103 :(  Between showering and tylenol and motrin and sleeping with mommy and daddy I think we beat it! :)  He woke up this morning at 7.30 looking a lot better.. it was still close to 100 but so much better :) 

He is up and walking and playing, and as I was getting ready to take a shower I turned the shower on closed the shower door and went in the bedroom to get a towel, H was brushing his teeth on the bathroom floor, 2 seconds later I hear him laughing so hard and go back in there.. hes IN the shower in his diaper just laughing it up:) This resulted in yet another shower with mommy, thats 3 in 24 hours.. LOL The boy sure is clean! 

So its off to work today leaving my boys at home and hoping everyone is over everything! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

awwwwwwww California!

Here they are some of our pics from California! taken by Gavin and fancied up by Moi! I wanted a sunset pic to match the one that Gavin took at our wedding.. you can see less of our flaws in those! :)

Whats with the captain morgan pose! I am sure its to match Ks obligatory finger!

I wanted a new bio pic and this well is a very forgiving pic! LOL

April and I on the beach I think we spent the most time on :) except for those darn huge waves on the other beach!

Ive been tagged!

Here are the rules:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you: April (from her blog!)
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking to them
5. Leave a comment for each tagged blogger to let them know that they have been tagged

Um the rules are hard on this one.. My only rules are you read it you do it! (unless you have already done it!)

6 Quirks about me..

I didnt think i was that quirky persay!

1- I sleep with one of Hendrixs blankets
b- I am European - thats pretty darn quirky!
iii- I love chocolate syrub sandwiches in the middle of the night with milk!
4- I could watch Tori and Dean ALLLL day! - also pretty darn quirky!
555 - ahhh while we are talking about eating.. i probably eat kinda weird! I do that english pushing everything up on your fork thing and I have to get a bit of everything! My American family watch and think this is rather intriguing.. at least I hope its intriguing! BUT probably quirky!
SIX! - Apparently I can find many ways to list things :) I HATE bullet points!!!

um anyone that reads this is tagged so YOU comment ME when you have done it! :)

CAUTION Adorable boys

Where have I been you say.. well pretty darn busy! But I do have the Tumblr account that is updated a little more than this, basically because I just take a pic and email it! LOL

Today April packed up her Son, treats, a lunch, some toys and a passport to come and visit us ALLLL the way up here, after picking up her steal of a double stroller! We met up at the studio to do some pics of the boys before they go to school next week :) wait that is a :( for me! I cant believe I am leaving him somewhere.. anyway! LOL

Mason decided he didnt want to get dressed, Hendrix watched as he raced around the room and ran circles around him but at the end of all of it we did manage to get a few pics, they DEFINITELY show their personalities!

Mason Refusing to get dressed! But looking damn cute doing it!

Yup the fountain outside.. ALL the kids end up in this!

After a mini meltdown Mace was back running circles.. yet still not dressed so we decided if you cant beat em join em! and later Hendrix just got top naked too :)

Lets hope they are best friends one day.. being as we have all this incriminating evidence of cute baby pics!

Hendrix stripping down, April was convinced to make him look like a fashionista! with all those clothes hanging around him, this is what he does when you ask him "How big are you?" his answer.. SOooooooo BIG! sooooo freakin cute!

My little charmer! Hes almost saying I Love you :) I cant wait! Hes still giving big kisses and taking a few more steps.. hes getting to be so big :(

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A quick one!

Hendrix loves to look out of the window and I was trying to capture him all thoughtful he turned around at the last minute and gave me a big cheesy grin!

I realized the other day H had been the studio lately.. well hes a little rusty and all he wanted was the BIG duck!

I said it was quick.. but I didnt mean nothing! LOL

Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Video of Hendrix.. YAY!

So he has HIgh Five down! and now Kent has taught him knuckles! its so cute... but here he is more interested in getting the camera from me.. and sweet talking his audience!

Heres some more.. of Hendrix walking.. Almost.. :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


That was all I could say yesterday when I heard that THE DWeddings issue had come out.. so how did it look, a few calls to Shannan and an email or 2 from Travis and I had a good idea! Then last night I went to have a little celebration with them (as much as you can in Pjs and work out clothes! LOL) which was lots of fun, and got to see it in person! and still was completely floored by the nice things that were written, I am very a lucky girl! 

The article is online here D WEDDINGS and also in print (but apparently not in any stores near me!) 


Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy 4th of July Americans!

On July 4th I took Hendrix to our little subdivisions "parade" if you can call 20 people walking a block a parade! LOL I wondered if being English I was out of place, but with such a cute little American riding in the stroller who would question me! He got a flag, a popsicle and a tattoo. 

Then he spent the weekend with Mimi and Papaw, I swear he goes over there and comes back 3months older! We had a nice time trying to finish our Pergola in the 100 degree direct sun.. and while recovering from some sunburn we got out a little to see friends! Thats always nice.. and I decided its also nice having a baby free vacation at home, I got to swim, by myself.. take naps.. stay out WAY too late! But it was also relaxing :) 

On Sunday Mimi and Papaw brought Hendrix back to us with all kinds of new tricks.. a little more walking, and some new words.. Diaper, and now he claims that Papaw is HIS Papaw! Oh so cute.. but he seems he grows to fast when hes gone! 

So while hanging and grilling under what is almost a finished Pergola (oh and for those of you that look at me like I am crazy or immediately google it! - A pergola is a garden feature forming a shaded walk or passageway of pillars that support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice, upon which woody vines are trained -straight from wikipedia) we got some new pics of Hendrix which doesnt happen as often as it should! 

He has always loved the light switches and now hes upright he can beg you all day long to lift him up so he can say OFF, ON and then point all surprise and yell LIGHT! 
Hes also trying on everyones clothes now.. in his own way! I now finding sitting in the closet with underwear around his neck.. NICE! 

Daddy got in on the action with some throwing.. he knows how to scare mummy! 

Hendrix and his open mouth slobbery kisses! I love them! and looking as sweet as pie! ( I think I have a picture of him a few seconds later crying with the rolled up lip and everything.. I told him off for touching the TV buttons.. mean mummy!
And of course some pics of our other babies.. I know everyone loves to laugh at Cashs feet! :) 

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Pergola is started!

Its going well! 
We got 4 posts in without hurting anyone or the house! :) and do you see the fine carpentry skills of my dear husband on those ends! Fabulous I tell you! I have some more pics.. as we have since gotten a few more pieces in.. but that would involve getting them off my camera.. and I have about 50000 pictures to work on for other people.. so when they are done you will see lots more pics! 

Friday, June 13, 2008

Swimming with the Cuz's

Does that even make sense.. Cuz's ??? LOL That reminds me of a funny story when I was younger! My cousin Charlotte and I are pretty close (despite being on COMPLETELY different continents right now!) plus I think its been a good few years since I saw her :( anyway! There was a time when we saw each other alot, and she was this cool older cousin.. (I am sure she still is ;)  Anyway I think I aspired to be just like Charlotte! and wished she was my older sister, she didnt have any sisters so we invented the cousin sister crossover.. Sisco (no not like the thong thing!) anyway.. Sisco Sar and Sisco Char! LOL Isnt that what cousins are for, making cool memories which make you in turn help your kids experience to make their own memories with cousins, friends etc. 

Anyway! We have been enjoying spending time with all the cousins the last few weeks while they have been spending time with Mimi.. it certainly is fun to get to see them and also to splash.. Hendrixs favorite thing! :) 

In his floaty! 

Even Papaw came by and Hendrix helped to cool him off! :) 

A few pics!

So I decided it was time to take Hendrix for some new pics! Its been almost 2 months.. can you believe it!  Anyway we found a cool field and then a rusted out thing in Frisco :) He did so good though..I cant wait til hes standing and can pose for me :) 

I cant believe how fast hes growing! Even though hes not walking or really talking he looks like a little boy already! He sits next to you on the couch, will stand and look out of the window for ages, knows exactly how to make us laugh, and gives the best hugs and kisses ever! :) 

Sunday, June 08, 2008

An update of sorts...

I know I know... my blogging skills (on this blog) seem to have gone by the wayside :( I have updated the photography blog alot though. Thats not pictures of Hendrix though, and I know thats what you want! :)

I guess this week I will be taking him to take more pictures.. just not sure what yet..

Anyway, what have we been up to??? WORKING I so blessed to be at home with Hendrix and have the wonderful schedule I have, even in this pretty crappy economy we have right now, Gas reached $4 a gallon, yet people are still making memories. Saying that I had 2 weddings this weekend, I realized on Saturday morning while on the way to the second that I completed 2 weddings in 20 hours!! no wonder I was exhausted yesterday! I had asked Kent last year when I booked this week if he could take the week off.. so this week he stayed home and played momma.. and he got flowers for it too! :) While I am sure there are plenty of things I could have got him that he would have appreciated I am pretty sure he got my intention.. and I think he appreciated it too :) Why shouldnt you give men flowers :) He did get a 6 pack of Dublin Dr P too! 

But you arent here to read about me.. The man of the hour is still as wonderful as ever! I swear hes making my friends hate me.. last weekend I had a girls night on Friday got home late, he didnt wake us up on Saturday until 9am :) Saturday night we had BBQ with some friends and stayed up a little late, Sunday he woke up at 10am.. I cant even count on my kid to wake me up early anymore.. bla bla bla I know! LOL He does DO bad things sometimes, eating dog food is the current favorite, playing in the dog water, loves mud ( he is a boy) seems to enjoy making a mess too.. we need to work on that one i think! But for the most part he is a pretty great kid!

Here is working the bills.. I like his method! 

Shopping is also something he likes.. thank goodness!~ he gets his chicken nuggets and people watches! :) 

He loves to chase Cash, although he sometimes looses track of what hes doing.. he is alot like his dad in that he gets distracted by something shiny.. LOL 

We are hoping by this christmas he will be walking enough to start ice skating.. we have to start our future hockey player as soon as we can :)