Friday, June 13, 2008

Swimming with the Cuz's

Does that even make sense.. Cuz's ??? LOL That reminds me of a funny story when I was younger! My cousin Charlotte and I are pretty close (despite being on COMPLETELY different continents right now!) plus I think its been a good few years since I saw her :( anyway! There was a time when we saw each other alot, and she was this cool older cousin.. (I am sure she still is ;)  Anyway I think I aspired to be just like Charlotte! and wished she was my older sister, she didnt have any sisters so we invented the cousin sister crossover.. Sisco (no not like the thong thing!) anyway.. Sisco Sar and Sisco Char! LOL Isnt that what cousins are for, making cool memories which make you in turn help your kids experience to make their own memories with cousins, friends etc. 

Anyway! We have been enjoying spending time with all the cousins the last few weeks while they have been spending time with Mimi.. it certainly is fun to get to see them and also to splash.. Hendrixs favorite thing! :) 

In his floaty! 

Even Papaw came by and Hendrix helped to cool him off! :) 


LK said...

They love their Baby Cuz! Papaw mentioned he need a few more-so...get on that will you?!

Han said...

How you felt about Charlotte, thats how i felt about you and Charlotte as i grew up.
Nice pics of Hendrix, give him a kiss from me.