Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CAUTION Adorable boys

Where have I been you say.. well pretty darn busy! But I do have the Tumblr account that is updated a little more than this, basically because I just take a pic and email it! LOL

Today April packed up her Son, treats, a lunch, some toys and a passport to come and visit us ALLLL the way up here, after picking up her steal of a double stroller! We met up at the studio to do some pics of the boys before they go to school next week :) wait that is a :( for me! I cant believe I am leaving him somewhere.. anyway! LOL

Mason decided he didnt want to get dressed, Hendrix watched as he raced around the room and ran circles around him but at the end of all of it we did manage to get a few pics, they DEFINITELY show their personalities!

Mason Refusing to get dressed! But looking damn cute doing it!

Yup the fountain outside.. ALL the kids end up in this!

After a mini meltdown Mace was back running circles.. yet still not dressed so we decided if you cant beat em join em! and later Hendrix just got top naked too :)

Lets hope they are best friends one day.. being as we have all this incriminating evidence of cute baby pics!

Hendrix stripping down, April was convinced to make him look like a fashionista! with all those clothes hanging around him, this is what he does when you ask him "How big are you?" his answer.. SOooooooo BIG! sooooo freakin cute!

My little charmer! Hes almost saying I Love you :) I cant wait! Hes still giving big kisses and taking a few more steps.. hes getting to be so big :(

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Sainz Family said...

Those are the cutest pictures!! You have to email them to me so I can print them...