Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy... I got some teeth!

A christmas pic of Hendrix and I..I got in one so those that havent see could see my hair.. not that you can see it too well here :) But I like it and its super easy to do! :)

Hendrix is such a smiley happy well mannered baby, so its very hard right now to watch him and this teething :*( it seems he may be trying to get all 4 of his front teeth at once. Last night he woke up screaming before we went to bed, and we gave him some tylenol, then I said.. shall I get some orajel! Kent quickly replied yes and I jumped in the car! I got back gave him some comforted him put him back to bed and he went straight back to sleep.. As I came back out Kent said "wow thats what its really like to have a baby, that was a rough 20 mins!" LOL I had to laugh, as the little guy slept all night and woke up today with what seems like a little nubby in his mouth! we may have a first tooth! its so swollen you cant see it though.

So now we got to bed wondering if maybe tonight we will be woken up!

yesterday was daddies birthday :) He has had a very long week! and made it home in time to open presents with Hendrix last night :) and then have a steak with mommy :)

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This is my new fav pic of Hendrix and Daddy from Christmas!

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