Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Quiet Tuesday night!


firstly I thought we had a problem with our AC but it seems it was just working overtime after the temps up here hitting 109! But I was in the kitchen and I heard this huge THUD! Something had hit the house on the outside, so I look out of the window and don't see anything and call Kent. We got outside and we see these 2 kids looking at the house and running. I turn around to make sure there's no damage and the corner of our window is broken, the seal is all messed up and stuff. I looked around and found a rock of cement which is obviously what they had thrown.

So Kent jumps in his car and takes off, cause we saw which way he went, he found them and they admitted to everything, he got the kids cell phone number(after 3 attempts, and it was right) and his address, when he drove past he said that it was very dark. So he came home and we called the police so that it could be documented and we could get it paid for.

2 seconds after the cops left to go to their house and just let them know they would be paying for it, the kids(who was maybe 13) his older brother and his mum show up, she spoke NO English and so the brother did all the talking, and he said he gets paid on Fridays and so he would pay for it. We told them that we contacted the police as we wanted to make sure it was documented bla bla bla, so there we are thinkin well they came to us, so no one would have been home when the police went to their house, and so when he shows back up and he said that the father was home when he went there, and he didn't seem that mad at all, just said it would be taken care of. I just feel so bad for the kid, he came and was apologizing so much, and Kent actually shook his hand when they left and said that he was a stand up kid for admitting it and to just not do it again.

HA and its just Tuesday!

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