Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hmmm no pics..

I always wait til I have a pic to post anything and while one is sitting on my camera.. I cant be bothered to get up and get it, so I thought I would write an update with no pictures... *gasp*

All has been well I have actually felt better, hmm watch I will wake up sick as a dog tomorrow morning.. anyway.. I like it better when I am sick though as then I know that all is well, I just have to learn that you dont have to have your head down the toilet to feel like there is a baby in there.

On Monday we will go to hear the heartbeat and hopefully we WILL hear it! I am hoping to record it in some way.

While in other news, I announced my baby contest and have had a great response.. I cant wait to see all those little babies! And also to figure out who will win it! :) I have some great people lined up to judge it :) Wait thats baby related too.. hmm what else is there! OH a trip to England.. hopefully in December, I cant wait to make this an annual trip so that we can have christmas there every year! and get to see Panto!! and it will be cold which is a nice change to Texas. I will be so excited it if turns out..

Well thats enough just filling up the page.. blah blah blah...

I will post again with a picture.. i know it makes it more interesting!

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