Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jaxson Kincade Scott

Jaxson arrived yesterday at approximately 12.45 weighing in at 8lbs 3oz and 20 inches. He has a bunch of blonde blonde hair and yes mamma was very surprised:)

Hendrix has met Jax but there was so much going on yesterday that he was busy with his cousins and family so I'm hoping he will come back up today and be able to meet him again.

He's eating like a champ latching all on his own he fed about 3 times yesterday at good intervals which I was very happy about. Since I'm still not able to get up or move too much he went to the nursery at about 10.30 last night, I told them his next feeding could be formula (for nightime) then to bring him to me, I still haven't seen him and it's 4.15 am so here's hoping he already has his days and nights down :)

So happy to see that belly gone and happily equipped with my binder I'll be excited when I can move around just a little more :)

Not sure why this us upside down?? Lol

Welcome to our world Baby Jax I hope it's good to you.

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SouthernGalsBoutique said...

he's soooo precious!! I can't wait to see more pictures.

House of Brodt said...

LOVE him! Such a sweet boy and so glad to hear all went well! Congrats again mama!

Krysie said...

So beautiful Sara! :) Can't wait to meet him in person. :) Maybe I can come see you soon!!! Hugs.

Amanda Osburn said...

hes adorable!!!! congrats!!! have a speedy recovery!!!