Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Here we are again!

We got a Family picture.. I am still a little shocked!!

My happy boys! They both have these crazy eye lashes! Its not fair that the 3 men in my life have these and I do not!

While I could apologize all day long, the truth is I have been waaaaaay too busy! Thats good right.. right?? But things are slowing down and I am about ready to do christmas before it comes and goes and I dont even notice it :(

My boys are awesome! Hendrix is an amazing big brother.. which we knew! and Jaxson is coming out of his colic yukky screaming funk :) Hes starting to coo and talk and smile! Oh the smiles! I love them! I taught Hendrix to tell him "Agggoooooooo" yesterday and Hendrix loves the response he gets! :)

Its hard to believe hes already 2 and half months old! Apart from some struggles with different formulas it seems we have found one we like and that agrees with him and its made a huge difference! Go figure its almost twice the cost of the others.. I think he may be high maintenance!

Bring on the christmas time! :)

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Krysie said...

Sara - You have the cutest, sweetest little guys! You always take the best pictures and they are just so darn adorable. Beautiful family! :)